ADG-P-200-250 Preen DC Power Supply

The ADG-P-200-250 is a 200 V, 250 A, 50 kW dc power supply from Preen.
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  • Wide output voltage range: with maximum voltage up to 2000V, ideal for renewable energy, smart grid, and Electric Vehicle (EV) related applications
  • High Efficiency and Power Factor: up to 90% efficiency and power factor
  • High Output Power: up to 100kW in one chassis with high power density
  • Fast Transient Response Time: <4~12ms
  • 12 Different Output Voltage Ranges & 41 Models
  • Standard RS485 interface with Modbus compatibility and optional RS232 and GPIB interfaces
  • CV and CC Modes
  • Programming Sequence Function: STEP and GRADUAL modes allow users to easily set sequences of start/ end voltage, run time and current for testing purposes. 
  • 4.7” Touch Screen Display for Easy Operation
  • Remote Sense for Line Drop Compensation 
  • Comprehensive Protection: Input OVP/UVP, output OVP/OCP, OTP


  • Hybrid-Electric / Electric Vehicle (HEV/EV) and related components
  • Electroplating and water treatment
  • DC/DC & DC/AC converters
  • Circuit breakers, contactors and fuses
  • Rail transport components
  • Renewable Energy


  • 200 V
  • 250 A
  • 50 kW

With output power up to 100kW per unit, the Preen ADG-P-200-250 offers output voltage up to 1600V and output current up to 2000A. Users can select standard RS-485 interface or optional RS-232 and GPIB. The STEP and GRADUAL modes allow easy setup on test sequence and depending on CV/CC settings and load conditions, the Preen ADG-P-200-250 can operate as a current or voltage source. Its remote sensing feature can effectively reduce voltage drop caused by cable length and provides more flexibility on installation.

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