AFG31051 Tektronix Function Generator

The AFG31051 is a 50 MHz function generator from Tektronix.
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  • 1 Channel
  • 50 MHz sine waveforms
  • Output amplitude range: 1 mVP-P to 10 VP-P into 50 Ω loads
  • 14-bit vertical resolution
  • Built-in waveforms include sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise, and other frequently used waveforms
  • Sweep, Burst, and Modulation modes (AM, FM, PM, FSK, and PWM)

Advanced (Sequence) mode:

  • Continuous mode (optional Sequence, Triggered and Gated modes)
  • 16 Mpts arbitrary waveform memory on each channel (128 Mpts optional)
  • Up to 256 steps in sequence mode with loop, jump and wait events
  • Variable sampling clock 1 μSa/s to 2 GSa/s

Key Features:

  • Patented InstaView™ technology enables engineers to see the actual waveform at the Device Under Test (DUT) in real time, without the need of an oscilloscope and probe, eliminating the uncertainty caused by mismatched impedance
  • Sequencing option adds the ability to program long, complex waveforms with up to 256 steps
  • The 9-inch capacitive touch screen works like a smart phone and has short-cuts to frequently used settings
  • Built-in ArbBuilder lets you create and edit arbitrary waveforms on the instrument, eliminating the need to connect to a PC
  • Outputs are protected from over voltage and current to minimize potential instrument damage
  • Compatible with TekBench™ software to help students set up, control, and analyze test results in the lab


  • Advanced research
  • Clock and system synchronization
  • Replication of real world signals
  • Component and circuit characterization and validation
  • Embedded circuit design and test
  • General purpose signal generation

The Tektronix AFG31051 high-performance AFG with built-in arbitrary waveform generation, real-time waveform monitoring, and the largest touchscreen on the market. Providing advanced waveform generation and programming capabilities, waveform verification, and a modern touch-screen interface, the new AFG31051 is sure to delight and simplify the job of every researcher and engineer.

Basic and Advanced Modes

The AFG31000 series is the industry’s first arbitrary function generator with full function Basic (AFG) and Advanced (Sequence) modes.

In Basic mode, the AFG31000 generates traditional functions and arbitrary waveforms. The touchscreen and front-panel controls make it simple to set up.

Basic mode lets you change frequency without the need to worry about waveform length and sample rate. This feature is useful in analog designs that characterize filter/amplifier frequency responses or in digital designs where clock rates change frequently.

New with the AFG31000, Advanced mode provides the ability to generate multiple waveforms with complex timing. In this mode, you can compose a list (or a sequence) of 1 to 256 waveforms, with total waveform length up to 16 Mpts/ch (128 Mpts/ch optional) and define the ouput sequence of these waveforms. Repeat, go-to, wait, jump, and triggered events are all supported and the large memory provides space to store many waveforms or long waveforms.

This feature is very useful in applications where many test cases need to be performed sequentially. Instead of loading the test cases one by one, you can put all of them in a sequence and load at one time, switching from one to another seamlessly to greatly improve the test efficiency.

Additionally, Advanced mode uses variable sample rate technology. Every sample in a waveform is output once and only once in each cycle, synchronized to the sample rate. Since there is no skipping or repetition, all details in the waveforms are kept. This feature is very useful for applications in which signal fidelity is extremely critical, such as IQ modulation and pulse train generation.

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