AFV-P-1250B Preen AC Source

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Additional Features:

  • Programmable AC Source 1250VA/0-310VAC/15-1000Hz
  • AC Source with DC output
  • 600VA to 5kVA only in 2U or 4U
  • Low Distortion: THD ≤ 0.3-0.8%
  • Power Line Simulations: Step & Ramp Features
  • Fast Response Time: ≤ 300μs
  • Transient Generation for Disturbance Tests
  • Complete Remote Interface: USB/RS232/RS485/Ethernet/Optional GPIB
  • User-friendly Control Software

Optional Selections:


  • GPIB Interface Board
  • Analog Interface Board
  • RS232 Cable (1.8m/female to male)
  • Input Power Cord (30m/5.5m2/20A; 30m/14mm2/40A)
  • 0-600 High Voltage Module
  • 150% Overload Capability for 1 Second



  • Single Phase
  • Voltage: 98-132VAC / 196-264VAC
  • Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz (opt. 400Hz)
  • Max Current: 20A


  • Power: VA: 1250VA; W: 1000 W
  • Phase: 1Ø / 2 Wire + G
  • Voltage Ranges: 0 - 155Vrms / 0 - 310Vrms, user selectable
  • Voltage Resolution: 0.1Vrms
  • Frequency: 15-1000Hz
  • Frequency Resolution: 0.1Hz, 1Hz at >100Hz
  • Max. Current (RMS): 10A / 5A
  • Max. Current (Peak): 30A / 15A
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): ≤ 0.3% at 40-100Hz, ≤ 0.5% at 101-500Hz
  • Line Regulation ± 0.1V
  • Load Regulation: ≤ 0.07% F.S. (Resistive Load)
  • Response Time: ≤ 300μs
  • Crest Factor: ≤ 3

DC Output

  • Power: 600W
  • Voltage Ranges:  0 - 210V / 0 – 420V
  • Max. Current: 5A / 2.5A
  • Ripple & Noise (RMS): ≤ 0.15%


  • Voltage Range: 0 - 420Vrms
  • Voltage Accuracy: ± (0.2% of reading + 5 counts)
  • Voltage Resolution: 0.1V
  • Frequency Range: 40-500Hz
  • Frequency Accuracy: ±0.1Hz at 40.0 - 500Hz
  • Frequency Resolution: 0.1Hz
  • Current Range: Hi: 1 - 12A / Lo: 0.005 - 1.2A
  • Current Accuracy: ± (1% of reading + 5 counts) at 40.0 - 500Hz
  • Current Resolution: Hi: 0.01A / Lo: 0.001A
  • Peak Current Range: 0 - 45A
  • Peak Current Accuracy: ± (1% of reading + 5 counts) at 40.0 - 500Hz
  • Peak Current Resolution: 0.1A
  • Power Range: Hi: 100 - 1200W / Lo: 0 - 120W
  • Power Accuracy: ± (2% of reading + 10 counts) @ 40 - 500Hz
  • Power Resolution: Hi: 1W / Lo: 0.1W


  • Efficiency: ≥ 80% at max. power
  • Protection: OVP, OCP, LVP, OPP, OTP, RCP, Fan Fail
  • Remote Interface: Standard: RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet / USB / PLC Remote In & Out, Optional: GPIB / Analog Control
  • Over Current Foldback: Output Current maintains constant based on the load while output voltage varies
  • Output Sync Signal: ON, Event for Voltage or Frequency Change (Output signal 5V, BNC type)
  • Memories: 50 Memories & 1200 Steps (24 Steps/Memory)
  • Operating Temperature: 0° - 40°

The Preen AFV-P-1250B is a Programmable AC Source, 1250VA/0-310VAC/40-500Hz.

Preen's AFV-P series is a programmable AC power source with stable DC output and precise measurement capability. This compact product comes in four power levels: 600VA, 1250VA, 2500VA and 5000VA, which provides clean power with distortion less than 0.3% at 50/60Hz. It delivers continuously adjustable output voltage 0-310VAC and output frequency 40-500Hz (opt. 15-1000Hz). Accordingly, AFV-P series is ideal for industries of commercial, defense and aerospace from design verification, quality assurance, ATE to mass production.

AFV-P series provides comprehensive programmable features (Step, Ramp and Transient features) and a total of 1200 Steps in 50 built-in Memory Sets, so that users now can easily configure various voltage and frequency combinations for simulating global AC power conditions, such as surge, sag, spikes and dropouts. With the advanced PWM technology, the AFV-P series is capable of delivering up to 4.5 times of peak current from its rated current, which is suitable for motor-type test with inrush current issue. Additionally, user can set the start/end angle of the product output from 0° to 359°. 

AFV-P series includes measurement capability of RMS voltage, output frequency, RMS current, true power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor and crest factor. Its 5" touch screen with rotary knob eases local operation to quickly set the product output. Its complete remote interfaces and specialized control software offer an easy programming manner to remotely control the product.

Programmable Simulations: Transient Feature

With the Transient feature, user can have more control over the output waveform by adding disturbance at user-defined locations with user-defined drop/rise range. This feature is useful to simulate different pre-compliance test and various types of power line disturbance, such as surge, sag, spike and dropout, for immunity tests.

Complete Remote Interfaces & Control Software

AFV-P series is equipped with standard interfaces of USB, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet, so users no longer need to spend extra on interface card. Only GPIB and Analog Control are optional interfaces. AFV-P series also provides specialized control software with complete programming features and LabView driver, which allows easy control without further programming.

Intuitive Touch Screen Control

To create a complex sequence on the local control HMI is no longer a difficult task for AFV-P series. Its 5" touch screen provides users a clear measurement display and an easy set up for product output. AFV-P series is also equipped with a rotary knob for better fine tune adjustments. Additionally, touch screen lock is available to avoid maloperation.

Wide Applications

AFV-P series is ideal for power adapters test by varying output voltage and frequency to simulate different real-word grid conditions. Output frequency of AFV-P series can go up to 1000Hz, which is suitable for avionic test with 400Hz or 800Hz. With the comprehensive programmable features, such as Step, Ramp and Transient features, users are allowed to build a wide range of output waveforms in a sequence, so as to simulated grid faults and fluctuations.

AC Output & DC Output

AFV-P series can selectively generate AC output or DC output according to user-defined settings. This feature not only extends applications to AC & DC component test, but allows effectively cost reduction of purchasing another DC source. Therefore, it is an ideal power testing solution for R&D unit and certification laboratories with limited space.

Programmable Simulations: Step & Ramp Features:

Step Feature

With the Step feature, users can create complex sequences by linking up to 1200 self-defined Steps in 50 Memory Sets. Voltage, frequency and dwell time for each Step can be defined independently, and users can set start/end number of Step Loop to cyclically perform the Step feature, so as to simulate grid voltage fluctuations or ON/OFF test. Because of its fast response time, AFV-P series can perform Step change in less than a cycle and provide reliable AC power simulations.

Ramp Feature

With the Ramp feature, users can set Ramp time unit, Ramp time, voltage and frequency per unit, so as to define slew rate of voltage and frequency for each Step, then the product output will change according to user-defined slew rate. Additionally, this feature can effectively reduce the inrush current, and save the cost on selecting an AC source with much higher output power for inductive-type loads.

Over Current Foldback

When it comes to over current, AFV-P series offers more than just shutdown protection. Over current foldback enables AFV-P series to maintain the output current at the rated current and correspondingly decrease the output voltage as the load impedance increases. It is an extended protection or an alternative to provide constant current for EUT.

Remote Sense Feature

With the remote sense feature, voltage drop compensation is available when is comes to output voltage decrease due to the cable length. In other words, AFV-P series can automatically correct the reduced voltage and deliver accurate voltage to ensure stable voltage conditions.

Ideal for High Inrush Current EUT & Start / End Angle Setting

AFV-P series can deliver up to 4.5 times of peak current from its RMS current, and it can control the product output according to user-defined start/end angle, so it is suitable for testing switching power supplies with high inrush current issue. Additionally, it is able to provide a customized 150% overload capability for starting up motor-type DUT, such as electric motor.

Waveform Display & Comprehensive Measurement Capability

With the advanced measurement circuitry and firmware design, AFV-P series is capable of providing output waveform display and precise measurement readings, so that user can easily check the readings of RMS voltage, output frequency, RMS current, true power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor and crest factor according to the product output. Additionally, all measurement readings can be exported as a report via the control software for analyzing and tracking EUT performance.

Synchronized Signal

AFV-P series provides two types of synchronized signal. It can either deliver a 5V DC signal continuously when the product output is on or deliver a 5V DC pulse signal every time there is a change on the product output. This feature makes AFV-P series an ideal AC source when applying with automatic test systems.

Fast Response & High Stability

To simulate power line disturbance, such as sags, surges, dropouts and spikes, response time has always been a critical factor. AFV-P series is a high-performance AC source with fast response time less than 300 μs, and users are allowed to do pre-compliance tests accordingly, such as IEC-61000-4-11.

More Information
Amps30 A
Frequency1 kHz
Power (VA)1.25 kVA
Volts310 V
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