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AHA-840 Com-Power Horn Antenna

The AHA-840 is a 40 GHz horn antenna from Com-Power.


  • Broadband - 18 GHz to 40 GHz
  • Built-in Preamplifier Increases Sensitivity
  • Low Antenna Factor
  • Emissions & Immunity Capability
  • Individual Calibration Included


There are many challenges associated with radiated emissions testing in the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range. Most will agree that, after the investment of necessary capital (which is really more of an obstacle than a challenge), the next highest on the list is achieving an acceptable signal to noise ratio to be able to perform the testing accurately.

The AHA-840 Active Horn Antenna is part of Com-Power’s extensive line of EMC test antennas. The AHA-840 smartly incorporates a broadband, double ridged waveguide horn antenna with precision waveguide to coaxial adapter (meticulously tuned as a set for optimum VSWR performance and impedance matching) and a broadband, high-gain, low noise preamplifier; integrated into a single, well-built, durable, custom designed assembly which facilitates the flexibility to be configured for almost any application.

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