AM5XT-200 Ameritec Communication Analyzer


Additional Features:

The Ameritec AM5XT-200, Wideband Transmission Test Set, can perform qualification tests on circuits carrying voice band, HDSL, high quality and audio, DDS to 64 kbps and Basic Rate ISDN or other services using up to 200 kHz bandwidth. It has the ability to simultaneously send signals and measure received signals. Individual selection of "send and receive terminations" and "On Hook/Off Hook DC Hold" circuits are provided.

Testing Ability on the following-

  • dBm level or dB loss 
  • Frequency Response (Attenuation Distortion) 
  • Noise (Wideband or with Filters) 
  • Noise with Tone (Wideband or with Filters) 
  • Signal/Noise Ratio (Wideband or with Filters) 
  • Noise to Ground (Wideband or with Filters) 
  • Impulse Noise (Wideband or with Filters) 
  • Phase Jitter 
  • Amplitude Jitter 
  • Envelope Delay 
  • P/AR 
  • Inter-Modulation Distortion (4 tone/2 tone) 
  • 2 and 4 Wire Return Loss
  • Transients (including Phase & Gain Hits, Impulse Noise with Tone & Interruptions)
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