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AMIQ04 Rohde & Schwarz Generator

The AMIQ04 is a generator from Rohde & Schwarz. A signal generator is a device that creates electronic signals, repeating or non-repeating, in the digital or analog domains, depending on need. Signal generators design, test, troubleshoot, and repair electronic devices across many different industries and applications.

Additional Features:

  • 14-bit resolution (up to 16 bits via digital I/Q output)
  • 16 000 000 samples memory depth
  • 100 MHz sample rate
  • Intergrated hard disk and FDD
  • Optional BER measurement
  • Optional differential I/Q outputs
  • Optional digital I/Q output

The Rohde & Schwarz AMIQ04 IQ Modulation Generator, opens up new dimensions for the generation of I/Q signals. It is a dual-channel modulation generator that has consequently been designed for use as an I/Q source.

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