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AN200 EM Test EMI Equipment


The AN200 is EMI equipment from EM Test. EMI equipment is used to test the immunity of a circuit or system.

Additional Features:

  • Voltage Transient Emission Test
  • Voltage Range: 0-30 VDC
  • Rated Current: 25A
  • Short circuit protected max. inrush current: >500 A
  • Peak voltage capability: 1000V
  • Overvoltage protection: by varistors
  • Dimensions: (L x B x H): 425 x 530 x 180 mm; 19"3 HE

Electronic switch

  • Switching time (test load L=7 µH/R=0.6 Ω) 300-400 ns
  • Switch-off time can be selected 10 ms/200 ms

Artificial network

  • Impedance according ISO/DIN 7637: 5 µH-50 Ω
  • Inductance: (5 µH/5 mΩ)

Shunt resistor (Rs)

  • Internal selectable: 40 Ω/ 10 Ω
  • Option: External shunt resistor (Rs=2 Ω): 2 Ω


  • MANUAL: Switch and artificial network are activated
  • SWITCH: Only the switch is activated
  • ARTIFICIAL NETWORK: Only the network is activated


  • Trigger output for CRO: bnc, Positive edge + 15 V
  • Switch-on indication: LED-display

The EM Test AN200 is used to evaluate automotive electrical and electronic components for conducted emissions of transients along battery fed or switched supply lines of a Device Under Test (DUT). A device under test which is considered a potential source of conducted disturbances should be tested according to ISO 7637 part 2.

The EM Test AN 200 includes an electronic switch for repeatable switching of inductive loads as well as an artificial network as specified in ISO.

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