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AN3100 Analogic Calibrator

The AN3100 is a calibrator from Analogic. Electronic calibrations are necessary for maintaining your equipment for general monitoring and testing purposes. Calibrators enable you to solve problems with your equipment on your own, on site.

Additional Features:

  • Dual five decade output ranges: ±11.1110 Volts DC with 100-uV resolution; Main output (Front Panel Terminals); ±111.110 Millivolts DC with 1-uV resolution; Auxiliary Output (Rear Panel Terminals)
  • Warmup to rated accuracy in less than 10 minutes
  • High output current of 50mA; short circuit-proof
  • 10-milliohm output impedance (100 ohms on low output range)
  • No maximum external load capacity
  • Isolated circuitry is unaffected by common mode voltages up to ±500V
  • Front panel ±1 mV vernier


  • Calibrate absolutely to 50 PPM
  • Normalize to 25 PPM
  • Standardize to 15 PPM
  • Verify linearity to 25 PPM
  • Monitor drift to  5 PPM
  • Establish regulation to ±1 uV
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