ANT-20 Wandel Goltermann Communication Analyzer

The ANT-20 is a communication analyzer from Wandel Goltermann. A communication analyzer is a superior type of electronic test equipment for physical layer, circuit, and new technology testing. Anyone in the business of testing data networks can use a communication analyzer for the measurement and monitoring of equipment.

Additional Features:

  • Graphical results presentation - Offline analysis on an external PC allows for post-processing of results
  • Access to all SOH and TOH bytes
  • Generation and analysis of errors and alarms
  • Performance measurement according to G.821, G.826, G.828, G.829, M.2100, and M.2101
  • Pointer sequencing according to G.783 and graphical pointer analysis
  • BERT and V.11 interface for DCC
  • Ethernet, GPIB, and RS-232/V.24 interfaces allow for easy adaptation to test automation environments.
  • Easily adapted to cover a new test scenario, new standards, higher bit rates, and intelligent systems components
  • Multi-rate transmission testing from DS1 to OC-192c and E1 to STM-64c
  • Modular platform offering SONET, DSn, SDH, and ATM capabilities
  • Large color touch screen display
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Flexible integration into lab or manufacturing test environments
  • Modular hardware and software concepts
  • Portable mainframe
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