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AP291 Sencore Probe

The AP291 is a probe from Sencore. Probes can use pulse waveforms to test components without removing them from circuits with in-circuit capabilities.

Additional Features:

  • Adjustable In-Circuit Test Probe
  • Molded test activation button allows easy in-circuit testing without taking your eyes off the circuit
  • Exclusive in-circuit probe with width adjustment wheel and test activation switch

The Sencore AP291 In-Circuit Test Probe was designed to test as many components in-circuit as possible. The spacing width is adjusted using the knurled wheel. A test activation switch is molded into the probe to make in-circuite testing easier. When a Component Type is selected, pressing the activation switch activates the In-Circuite Capacitor or Inductor test depending on Component Type selection. If no Component Type is selected the LC103 will display an error message stating that you need to enter the type of component under test.

The test activation button only activateds the in-circuit tests, it will not activate any of the out-of-circuit test functions. When an in-circuit test is activated by the test activation button on the probe, the LC103 will display the results for 3 seconds after the button is released. This allows for component testing without having to look away from the circuit. In addition, a short beep will be heard once the LC103 has finished the first complete measurement.

The AP291 may not be used to perform the Leakage test. Always use the Test Leads (39G219) when performing the Leakage test.

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