AQ6317C Ando Optical Analyzer



  • High wave length accuracy +/-0.1 nm wavel ength accuracy (full range: 600-1750 nm) +/-0.02 to +/-0.04 nm at 1450 to 1620 nm (S+C+L band)
  • High wavelength linearity +/-0.01 nm (C-band) and +/-0.02 nm (S and L-band)
  • High wavelength resolution Maximum wave length resolution: 15 pm.
  • Wide dynamic range Over 70 dB at peak +/-0.4 nm Over 60 dB at peak +/-0.2 nm.

The Ando AQ6317C optical spectrum analyzer is a supremely effective blend of powerful technology and an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface that lets you carry out advanced analytical jobs effortlessly. The AQ6317C spectrum analyzer maintains a consistently high degree of accuracy of +/-0.1 nm throughout the entire range of wavelength, from 600 to 1750 nm. It has an impressive accuracy level of +/-0.02 to +/-0.04 nm for the wavelength range between 1450 to 1620 nm. This is a definite and significant improvement from its predecessor. The S-band calibration is also a noteworthy addition to the Ando version of this optical spectrum analyzer.

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