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ASG100 Tektronix Audio Generator

The ASG100 is a 20 kHz audio generator from Tektronix. Audio Generators are electronic devices that create sound waveforms across a broad spectrum of frequencies.

Additional Features:

  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 24 dBu to -90 dBu
  • 4 Second Voice ID
  • Balanced XLR Signal Paths
  • RS-232 Remote Control
  • Front Panel Lockout
  • Contact Closure
  • Multitone Test Signals
  • Audio/Video Delay Signals
  • CCITT 0.33 Signals
  • Tektronix Autosequences
  • Balanced, Loopthrough Operation
  • Programmable Output Impedance

The two-channel ASG 100 is for situations where the generator is inserted in-line with the audio path of interest.  When used in this fashion, the ASG 100 can insert a variety of test signals into the audio program. The output impedance is programmable, allowing it to be used with either power-matched or voltage-driven signal distribution schemes.

Tektronix audio generators offer potent solutions for audio testing. The two-channel ASG 100 combines compact size, ease-of-use and programmability. Operated manually or automatically, they produce signals used for aligning, servicing and testing of audio facilities.

Test signal capability starts with simple line up, polarity, and level signals. Added to these are tone sweeps for checking distortion, frequency response and crosstalk. Industry standard CCITT 0.33 signals and newly developed Multitone signals support advanced audio analysis capability found in the VM 700A. Digital synthesis of signals ensures signal stability and repeatability.

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