AT3600 Voltech Analyzer



  • Fast and extremely accurate. 10 standard tests per second at a basic 0.05% accuracy
  • Integral 20 node matrix to test 10 windings in 4 wire Kelvin mode
  • Integral 5kV AC/7kVDC hi-pot
  • Easy operation in production lines with pass/fail indication
  • Stand-alone or network capability with PC software
  • Easy to program editor software package with graphic winding diagrams
  • Server software exports results for 100% Quality Auditing
  • Testing solutions for laminates, ferrites, measurements needs

Testing specifications:

  • DC-3MHz,
  • 1nH-1MH,
  • 1mV-270V,
  • 1mA-1A DC bias
  • 1mA -250A with additional DC1000

The Voltech AT3600 has been ergonomically designed to provide convenient manual operation, while fully supporting robotic handling. Versatile interfaces are included for connection to printing devices, barcode scanners, safety interlocks, process control devices and robotic handling systems. If required, the operator can key in a serial number or scan a barcode on the product before inserting it into the fixture. The Voltech AT3600 checks for pass/fail and downloads test results to a central file server for archiving or management analysis.

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