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BA4850 NF Corporation BiPolar Power Supply


The BA4850 is a BiPolar Power Supply from NF Corporation. A bipolar power supply is a four-quadrant tool that operates in quadrants one, two, three, and four of the Cartesian coordinate system. This means it provides positive and negative voltages across

Additional Features:

  • Broadband: DC to 50 MHz
  • High-power output voltage: ±20V, ±1A
  • High slew rate: 6000V/μs
  • Low output impedance: 3.3Ω+0.01μH or less (typ.)
  • Bipolar output: Four-quadrant operation that enables positive and negative voltage and current to be supplied (source) and absorbed (sink).
  • Multiple functions: Output polarity switching, external output on/off control, and DC offset adjustment


  • Driving and evaluation of piezoelectric elements
  • Test and evaluation of display devices
  • Power amplifier for signal or pulse generators
  • Measurement of magnetizing characteristics (B-H curves)
  • Driving of elastic surface wave ultrasonic motors and comb tooth-shaped electrodes in the field of nanotechnology and MEMS
  • High-frequency ripple tests of capacitors
  • Development of ink jet application technology
  • Characteristics tests for semiconductors such as diodes and SCRs
  • Characteristic test for the devices such as relays and switches
  • Research and development of IC cards
  • Driving use of devices and materials and other R&D use in the leading edge technology field

The BA4850 is a power amplifier that handles DC to 50 MHz (max.) signals and output broadband, high speed, and high voltage bipolar (both positive and negative polarities) outputs. While ordinary DC power supplies only supply one-way currents, the BA4850 amplifier supplies (source) and absorbs (sink) currents, and handles positive and negative voltages as well, because it operates across all four quadrants.

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