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BNC-2110 National Instruments Shielded Connector Accessory

The BNC-2110 is a Shielded Connector Block Accessory from National Instruments.


  • Shielded Connector Block With BNC for X Series and M Series
  • BNC connectors for analog I/O
  • Terminal block for digital and timing I/O connections
  • Interfaces to X Series, M Series, E Series, S Series, and many analog output devices
  • 15 BNC connectors for analog input, analog output, trigger/counter functions, and user-defined signals
  • A spring terminal block with 30 pins for digital and timing I/O signal connections
  • A 68-pin I/O connector that connects to multifunction DAQ devices
  • Can be used on a desktop or mounted on a DIN rail

The National Instruments BNC-2110 Shielded Connector Blocks with BNC connectors for easy connectivity to I/O signals. The BNC-2110 (for 68-pin M Series, S Series, and B Series) has BNC inputs for eight differential analog input signals, analog output signals, and some digital I/O signals. Other digital I/O signals are accessible through screw terminals. The BNC-2120 also provides a function generator, quadrature encoder, temperature reference, thermocouple connector, and LEDs for digital I/O signals.

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