CA5350 NF Corporation Amplifier



  • Fast Response and Stable Operation
  • Current Suppression
  • Low Noise: Built-in filters and DC power supply
  • Built-in System Features: Interfaces, input and output terminals
  • Bias power supply −8 V to +8 V: Bias power supply for applying a bias voltage to a variety of sensors
  • Display backlight brightness setting: 3-level setting, including OFF; Enables use in light-sensitive experiments.
  • Setting memory: 10 sets
  • Applications:
  • Beam position monitoring for storage rings and synchrotrons
  • I-V characteristic measurement of organic thin film devices
  • Gate leakage current measurement of devices such as field-effect transistors (FET) and insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBT)
  • Detection of tunneling current of scanning tunneling microscopes (STM)
  • Detection of conductive probe current for atomic force microscope (AFM) current measurement
  • As a preamplifier for a lock-in amplifier

The CA5350 programmable current amplifier is a variable gain type, current-input, voltage-output amplifier. In addition, the included current suppression function enables the canceling of the dark current that cannot be avoided with photoelectric conversion elements such as photodiodes.

BNC connectors are used for input and output, so special cables or an external power supply are not required. The various settings, including gain, are easy to perform using the dial and keys on the front panel, and the set values are displayed on the screen.

Since the GPIB and USB interfaces make remote control also possible, gain and other settings can be performed from a personal computer, making it easy to configure an automatic measurement system.
With its performance, functions and operability, this programmable current amplifier supports the current amplification of signals from a variety of current output sensors.

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