CBCA112G02G65I2115 Weller Soldering

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CBCA112G02G65I2115 Weller Soldering

Weller FT CBCA112G02G65I2115 Air Curtain Cabinet (CBC-A-112) with tube lighting (ESD Safe) 115V

  • Unique air curtain concept protects the operator from dangerous gases and particles in the process. The air curtain gives unlimited accessibility to the workbench as no front sash blocks the view.
  • The air curtain cabinet uses a small amount of air. Compared to a conventional suction cabinet the running costs are 80 % lower.
  • A mobile safety cabinet without fixed installations. It stands directly on the workbench and is easily connected to FT mobile filter system or to central ventilation.


  • Air Curtain Cabinet with tube lighting (ESD Safe) 115 V
  • Set up in minutes
  • No additionalwork in the building
  • No installation costs
  • Change location: Simply disconnect, move to the new location and reconnect
  • No wasted energy or heat because the air is recycled
  • Requires no authorization for environmental legislation
  • Flow control provides the exact extraction rate and keeps the temperature stable


  • (1) Air curtain cabinet (CBC-A-112)
  • (1) Top cover sheet 1160x580x1 (25 mm) with one Ø 160mm connection, ESD (G02)
  • (1) Back panel in sheet 1160x600x1 (25 mm), ESD-safe (G65)
  • (1) Lighting appliance with flourescent tube lighting (2 x 39 W), 230 V (I2)
  • (1) Power supply CBC-A (300-6001)
  • (2) Gable distance
  • (1) Inner gable right
  • (1) Outer gable right
  • (1) Inner gable left
  • (1) Outer gable left
  • (1) Frame
  • (1) Front cap
  • (2) Air curtain gear
  • (1) Lower backrail
  • Screw set consisting of:
  • (6) Screw M6
  • (8) Barrel nut
  • (2) Screw with nut M4 (for mounting tools)
  • (4) Tube lightning (39W)
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