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CDN-T8 Com-Power CDN

The CDN-T8 is a 150 kHz cdn from Com-Power.
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  • For Signal Lines
  • Frequency Range - 150 kHz - 80 MHz
  • Meets EN 61000-4-6 Requirements
  • Individual Calibration
  • Two Year Warranty


  • During the test the CDN-T8 is connected to the signal cables between the equipment under test (EUT) and auxiliary equipment (AE). The type of cables will determine which CDN to use for the test.


  • Number of Lines: eight
  • Frequency: 150kHz to 80MHz
  • Voltage: 100VAC max
  • Current: 2A max
  • RF input: 40V max
  • Wire type: 1Gbit Ethernet
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Accessories needed to setup CDN test levels: ADA-T8 Shorting Adaptor

The Com-Power CDN-T8 signal line CDN is designed to test according EN-61000-4 requirements for cables with unshielded balanced conductor pairs typically found in ISDN, DSL and 10/100 baset T data transfer applications. It is used to inject RF disturbance to the various signal cables connected to the equipment under test.

The image is for reference only. See product specification for details.

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