CGC-255E Com-Power Comb Generator

The CGC-255E is a Comb Generator from Com-Power. Comb generators are signal generators that ouput many harmonics of the input signal. Comb Generators are very important to any EMC test lab. The generator can be used to verify that an anechoic test chamber is reading correctly on a daily basis.
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Additional Features:

  • Step size  (MHz): 0.05 or 0.25
  • Frequency Range (MHz): 0.05-30
  • Quick LISN Verification
  • Switchable Frequency Steps
  • Amplitude Stability: +/- 0.1 dB
  • Battery Powered
  • Two Year Warranty

The Com-Power CGC-255E Comb Generator is specifically designed to test conducted emissions setups that utilizes Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISNs).

The Com-Power CGC-255E uses the same principle that is used for verifying radiated emissions test site, can be employed to test the conducted emissions setup in an EMC test laboratory with a CGC series Comb Generator. By using the Comb Generator the test engineer can quickly identify any problems with the conducted setup before making any final measurements.

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