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CGO-51000 Com-Power Comb Generator

The CGO-51000 is a Comb Generator from Com-Power. Comb generators are signal generators that ouput many harmonics of the input signal. Comb Generators are very important to any EMC test lab. The generator can be used to verify that an anechoic test chamber is reading correctly on a daily basis.

Additional Features:

  • Frequency range of 1 GHz to 40 GHz
  • Stable Frequency Output
  • Automatic Low Voltage Signal Shutoff
  • Battery Operated
  • Three-Year Warranty

The ComPower CGO-51000 Comb Generator is a radiatedreference signal source. It is a self-contained source of signals consisting of frequency harmonics at 1 GHz intervals, and is usable from 1 GHz to 40 GHz. The signals generated by ComPower CGO-51000 are stable and can be used as reference for validating high frequency test setups in open area test site or anechoic chamber. The ComPower CGO-51000 Comb Generator has an omni directional built-in antenna, which works in conjunction with the chassis of the unit. The circular chassis of the Comb Generator helps radiate the signal uniformly in all directions in the horizontal plane. The built-in antenna of the ComPower CGO-51000 provides improved signal stability, however it cannot provide conducted reference signals. The ComPower CGO-51000 Comb Generator is powered by a rechargeable internal battery pack. The internal power eliminates the need for an external power cable and its effect on the radiated signal pattern or level. When fully charged, the battery allows continuous use of the Comb Generator for up to 18 hours. The Comb Generator and its charger are shipped with a custom wooden storage box. 

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