COM120A IFR Service Monitor


The COM120A is a service monitor from IFR. A communication service monitor is a rugged piece of test equipment that can be taken into the field to conduct measurements. The unit traditionally has a spectrum analyzer and a tracking generator to allow an engineer or technician to monitor communications equipment.

Additional Features:

  • Digitized oscilloscope
  • RF and Auxiliary RF Generator
  • 2 £gV receiver sensitivity
  • Frequency Selective RF Counter
  • RF Frequency Error Meter
  • FM Deviation Meter
  • £XM Deviation Meter
  • AF Frequency Counter
  • AM Modulation Meter
  • RF Power Meter
  • RF Level Meter
  • Distortion Meter
  • SINAD Meter with 0 - 55 dB range
  • LIVE-REF and REF-LIVE on the Spectrum Analyzer and Oscilloscope, Average, peak hold and min hold can be displayed independently
  • Split Screen digitized full scan spectrum analyzer to 1 GHz
  • EasyComÆÉ software allows simplified testing of land mobile transceivers
  • EasySpanÆÉ automated test software allows you to display and capture spectrum analyzer and tracking generator sweep information
  • LIVE-REF and REF-LIVE comparisons for spectrum analyzer display
  • Digitized full scan oscilloscope to 50 kHz
  • Enhanced PCMCIA for easy data analysis
  • Optional AutoCell-NT automated cellular base station test software
  • High speed EDACS data capture capabilities with up to 50 user defined set-ups
  • Full paging test for analog paging formats and advanced digital paging with the AC510 option
  • Optional independent tracking generator
  • 200 W power measurement capability
  • RS-232 control interface with optional IEEE-488 (GPIB)

The IFR COM-120A has become an industry recognized standard in Communication Service Monitors. A tough, portable monitor with a full performance spectrum analyzer and digital oscilloscope, the IFR COM-120A combines over 20 instruments into one unit. The FM and £XM Deviation Meters allow toggling of the deviation meter from the standard mode to the ¡Ó peak mode. The measurement shows the + and - peak deviation as two separate readings

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