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CT-60-S Tektronix Accessory

The CT-60-S is an accessory from Tektronix.
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  • Very high accuracy (0.0054% - 0.0272%)
  • Excellent linearity (3 ppm - 20 ppm)
  • Extremely low temperature drift (0.5 ppm/k - 2.5 ppm/k)
  • Wide frequency bandwidth (DC to 800 kHz)
  • Closed loop (compensated) current transducer using an extremely accurate zero ?ux detector
  • Electrostatic shield between primary and secondary circuit
  • No insertion losses
  • High immunity to external electrostatic and magnetic ?elds interference
  • Low noise on output signal
  • Tektronix custom cable assembly included for easy connection to the PA3000 power analyzer
  • Compatible with standard PA3000 internal transducer supply (except CT-1000-S; order optional external power supply, Keithley models 2220 for two channels or 2231A for four channels)


  • High power converters and inverters
  • Motor drives
  • Solar inverters
  • UPS systems


  • Nominal primary current (rms)- 42A
  • Nominal primary current (Ip, DC)- 60A
  • Supply voltage- ±15 V
  • Bandwidth- DC to 800 kHz

The Tektronix CT-60-S series offer the highest accuracy and linearity when uncompromised measurements are required. These transducers are sourced from LEM, a high-quality component company.

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