CT1 Tektronix Current Probe



  • 25 kHz to 1 GHz
  • Maximum Pulse Current: 450 mA
  • Maximum CW Current: 12 A
  • AC Only
  • Solid Core High Bandwidth
  • Ultra-low Inductance
  • Very Small Form Factor
  • Characterize Current Waveforms up to <200 pSec Rise Times
  • Very Low Loading of Circuit Under Test
  • Fits Into Dense, Closely-spaced Circuit Designs
  • Includes: Manual and P6041 Interconnect Cable


  • Data Storage Read Channel Design
  • Silicon Characterization
  • High-frequency Analog Design
  • ESD Testing
  • Signal Injection
  • Differential Current Measurements
  • Single Shot Low Rep-rate Pulse Measurements
  • Propagation Delay Measurement

The Tektronix CT1 Current Probes are designed for permanent or semi-permanent in-circuit installation. The CT1 probe consists of a current transformer and an interconnecting cable. The current transformers have a small hole through which a current carrying conductor is passed during circuit assembly. The P6041 Probe Cable provides the connection between the CT1 and CT2 Current Transformers and a BNC oscilloscope input. A 50 Ohm termination is required to terminate the cable when connected to a high impedance (1 MΩ) oscilloscope input. One probe cable can be used to monitor several current transformers that have been wired into a circuit.

More Information
Amps12 A
Frequency1 GHz
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