CT2704 Cal Test Electronics Voltage Probe


The CT2704 is a new Voltage Probe from Cal Test Electronics. Use an electrical probe to test equipment and measure currents and voltages. Probes are an integral part of any electrical power testing toolbox to ensure accurate measurements, reliability, and safety. Use a high-voltage probe meter for voltages of 0 to 40,000 direct current (VDC).

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  • 1x/10x switchable oscilloscope probe
  • 100 MHz (-3 dB) bandwidth
  • High impedance input (10 MΩ/16 pF - 10x position)
  • 10−35 pF compensation range
  • 300 V CAT II
  • Snap-Locking Sprung Hook
  • Easily replaceable tip
  • Large accessory set
  • Meets IEC 61010-031
  • RoHS compliant
  • Accessories included: 15 cm Ground Lead, Replacement Tip, Black Snap-on Sprung Hook, Tip Insulator, IC Tip, BNC Adapter, Probe Tip Ground, Trimmer Tool & Identifier Rings.

The Cal Test CT2704 is a general purpose 100 MHz, 1x/10x switchable oscilloscope probe. The High Performance CT2704 is a high quality, general purpose set of 5mm Passive Voltage Oscilloscope probes. They are excellent replacement probes for all makes and models of oscilloscopes.

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