CT3377 Cal Test Accessory Kit

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The CT3377 is an accessory kit from Cal Test.

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  • Silicone jacket sheathed test leads
  • Spring-loaded miniature test probes
  • Miniature hook and pincer clips
  • IEC1010-1 safety standards
  • Storage case


  • Production Test Stations
  • R&D Labs
  • Service & Repair Facilities
  • Educational Test Benches

This Kit includes:

  • (2) CT2162-150-0: Silicone Leads, 150cm (60"), Black
  • (2) CT2162-150-2: Silicone Leads, 150cm (60”), Red
  • (1) CT2388-0: MiniProbe, Black
  • (1) CT2388-2: MiniProbe, Red
  • (1) CT2551-10-0: MiniFlex Clip, 10cm (4”), Black
  • (1) CT2551-10-2: MiniFlex Clip, 10cm (4”), Red
  • (1) CT2553-0: 6/4mm Spade Lug Adapter, Black
  • (1) CT2412: Insulated BNC Adapter
  • (1) CT3187-10-0: MiniPRO Clip, 10cm (4”), Black
  • (1) CT3187-10-2: MiniPRO Clip, 10cm (4”), Red
  • (1) CT2473-0: Banana Plug Adapter, Black
  • (1) CT2473-2: Banana Plug Adapter, Red
  • (1) CT2301: SMD Tweezers w/Plugs

As a bench technician once commented, “it’s all about the size.” You need the right size accessory to make your test. With Cal Test’s Model CT3377 Deluxe Bench DMM Accessory Kit, you have that selection.

The kit offers MiniProbe™ test probe, with spring-loaded tips, for fine probing; MiniPRO™ Test Clips for small and MiniFlex™ Test Clips for micro connections; and for those larger test points, both spade lug and banana plug adapters.

All these high quality components connect to a pair of silicone jacketed leads with sheathed banana plugs. A second pair of test leads, which also meet IEC61010-1 safety standards, are included for 4-wire measurements or calibration hookups. An insulated BNC male to sheathed banana jack adapter is included for connection to RF test equipment as well as an insulated SMD Tweezer set for chip-size component testing.

This kit contains everything a bench technician needs. The kit is provided in a convenient foam lined storage box for easy selection and use.

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