CX3322A Agilent Keysight HP Analyzer

The CX3322A is a analyzer from Agilent Keysight HP.
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CX3322A Mainframe features

  • 2 analog channels for Current Sensors and Passive Probe Interface Adapters
  • Bandwidth options: 50 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz
  • Memory depth options: 16 Mpts/ch, 64 Mpts/ch, 256 Mpts/ch
  • WXGA 14.1” capacitive multi touch screen

CX3322A Measurement capabilities

  • 14-bit or 16-bit wide dynamic range
  • Optimized to acquire low noise current sensor’s output
  • Max. 200 MHz bandwidth and 1 GSa/s
  • Familiar trigger types and math functions available

Available current sensors and an adapter (optional accessory products) for Keysight CX3322A

  • CX1101A single channel current sensor from 40 nA to 10 A, 100 MHz, ±40 V
  • CX1102A dual channel current sensor from 40 nA to 1 A, 100 MHz, ±12 V
  • CX1103A low side current sensor from 100 pA level to 20 mA, 200 MHz, ±0.5 V
  • CX1151A passive probe interface adapter

Analysis capabilities of the Keysight CX3322A

  • “Anywhere” zoom for in-depth waveform analysis
  • Automatic power and current profiler
  • Statistical analysis: histogram, CCDF
  • Spectrum analysis (FFT)

The Keysight CX3322A Current Waveform Analyzer is a 2-channel model for engineers and researchers who just need one or two current waveform measurements at one time. Using a single channel current sensor (CX1101A, CX1103A) and a passive probe interface (CX1151A) enables power measurements. The bandwidth and the memory depth per channel are option and can be selected from 50 MHz, 100 MHz and 200 MHz, and 16 Mpts, 64 Mpts and 256 Mpts, respectively. The number of channels is not upgradable, but upgrade products for both bandwidth and memory depth options are also available for customers who need more performance after purchasing the product. You could also minimize the initial investment for later upgrade with this affordable 2-channel model.

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