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DASH 4U AstroMed Recorder

The DASH 4U is a recorder from AstroMed. Recorders and Printers allow engineers to collect and display data in different formats.

Additional Features:

  • 10.4" color monitor for real-time viewing and review
  • Four channels with 50 kHz sample rate
  • Internal 4 GByte hard drive for data capture
  • 100 MByte removable ZIP drive for data transfer

The Astro-Med DASH-4U also has a bright 10.4-inch color monitor, built-in hard drive, ZIP drive, and an uninterruptible power supply. The DASH-4U weighs less than 22 pounds and is small enough to get under an airline seat, making it ideal for portable data acquisition and recording. Rugged compact case. 

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