DASH 8XPM AstroMed Recorder


Additional Features:

  • 8 channels of inputs for single and three phase power monitoring
  • Days of continuous recording at a sample rate of 6,250 Hz per channel
  • Transients, glitches and disturbances captured at 200 kHz per channel
  • Measures a wide range of power parameters with AstroPower™ software, including RMS current and voltage, real and reactive power, power factor and THD


Color Display

  • Display: Full screen waveform or split screen w/analysis
  • Waveform display: Voltage/current or phase groups
  • Viewing area: 15-inch diagonal with 1024 x 768 resolution
  • Touch screen: Full-screen, resistive

Signal Modules

  • Maximum modules: 8 per unit
  • Supported modules: IHV1 – voltage/current phase; IHV2 – voltage phase
  • Channels: 4 voltage, 4 current (when no auxiliary channels are used)
  • Auxiliary channels: Modules 7 and 8

IHV1 Module

  • Maximum voltage: 250Vrms CAT II
  • Bandwidth: 39 kHz

IHV2 Module

  • Maximum voltage: 600Vrms CAT II, 300Vrms CAT III
  • Bandwidth: 34 kHz

Continuous Recording

  • Recording method: Internal disk drive
  • Sample rate: 6,250 samples per second per channel
  • Drive capacity: 73 GByte
  • Continuous Recording time: up to 88 hours (dependent on free disk space)

Recorder Mode

  • Analysis: Real-time calculations
  • Continuous recording: All waveforms with one-button start/stop
  • Event logging: Simultaneous with continuous waveform recording

Review Mode

  • Analysis: Post-capture calculations
  • Derived channels: Graphic plots of trend data. Includes Vrms, Irms, apparent power, real power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, THD, voltage unbalance and current unbalance

Transient Mode

  • Sample rate: 200,000 samples per second per channel
  • Event Logging: Yes

Logged Event Types

  • Voltage: Interrupt, sag, swell, transient, frequency, total harmonic distortion, individual harmonic, individual interharmonic, unbalance
  • Current: Transient, RMS thresholds, total harmonic distortion, individual harmonic, individual interharmonic, unbalance
  • Power: Power factor, absolute power, active power, reactive power, leading/lagging

Analysis Functions

  • Harmonics/Interharmonics: Graphical display for any phase (voltage or current); total harmonic distortion percentage
  • Phase diagrams: Vector diagrams for voltage and current
  • RMS values: Calculated for all phases, voltage and current
  • Power values: Absolute power (kVA), active power (kW), reactive power (kVAR) and npower factor
  • Sequential components: Positive, negative, and zero sequence; voltage or current; percentage unbalanced


  • Input Voltage Range: 102 to 264 VAC
  • Frequency Range: 47 Hz to 63 Hz
  • Power Factor: 0.99
  • Power Consumption: 150 W maximum (<100 W typical)


  • Enclosure: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 12.6" H x 16.7" W x 4.5" D
  • Weight: 22 lbs (with 8 modules)


  • Operating Temp: 5 to 40°C (40 to 105°F)
  • Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% non condensing

Astro-Med has combined the versatility of the Dash 8Xe with the innovative AstroPower™ monitoring software to give you the all new Dash 8XPM. The Dash 8XPM delivers the capabilities of a high-end data acquisition recorder and a dedicated power monitoring system in one useful tool. 

Using the standard Dash 8Xe software, the system operates as a powerful data acquisition recorder that can be used for long term trend recording, traditional data capture and oscilloscope recording for maintenance troubleshooting applications. 

Switching to AstroPower monitoring software allows monitoring of power quality and disturbances that can disrupt the operation of electrical equipment. The user can record power trends, events and transients for days, weeks or months at a time.

Real-Time Display

View voltage and current waveforms side by side, overlapped or grouped together logically. User defined waveform and background colors.

One Touch Acquisition

Start recording at the touch of a button.

Simplified Operation

Action buttons mimic menu selections for ease of use.

Touch-Screen Display

15-inch color touch-screen display provides you with an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Split-Screen Analysis

In addition to seeing raw power signals, the Dash 8XPM lets you view power information, phase diagrams, phase relationships and RMS data in real-time.

Current Clamps and Voltage Probes

Various sizes and ranges are available for a wide variety of power applications.


Choose a recording setup and AstroPower automatically configures your inputs for single phase, split phase, Delta or Wye recording applications.

Channels 7 & 8 can be used as auxiliary inputs to record any signal type, including tachometer signals, thermocouples, and other AC or DC, high or low voltage signals.

Dash 8XE Functionality

In addition to power monitoring, the Dash 8XPM gives you the functionality of the popular Dash 8Xe data acquisition recorder. You can capture 8 channels of data directly to a 73 GB hard drive at sample rates from one sample per minute to 200 kHz per channel. It lets you capture trend data, transient/glitch data based on intelligent triggers and gives you high speed digital scope recording.

Modular Inputs

The Dash 8XPM’s modular inputs give you the flexibility you need in a portable troubleshooting tool. From high voltage, isolated inputs for voltage and current channels to DC bridge and thermocouple inputs for auxiliary channels, the Dash 8XPM has a variety of modules to meet your needs.

Real-time Data Display

The Dash 8XPM operates with an intuitive real-time touch-screen display that allows the user to view, record and analyze data in a variety of formats.

Real-Time Power Monitor

The monitoring screen provides real-time display of waveform data.

Recorder Environment

Based on user input of target parameters, AstroPower optimizes input performance and resolution by automatically configuring settings such as display and unit scaling along with attenuator selection...all prior to recording.

Key system parameters such as target voltage and current, transformer ratios and 50 or 60Hz power frequency are all user definable.

Split-Screen Analysis

The analysis window provides voltage and current harmonics, phase relationships and diagrams along with RMS voltage and current information in real time.

Data Capture: Continuous Recording Mode

AstroPower allows you to monitor and log power trends, including power interrupts, power sags, power swells, frequency deviations, harmonics, interharmonics and unbalances, in real-time. Thousands of power events can be logged to file for later review.

Monitor and Log Events

Capture power trends in continuous mode which allows up to 88 hours of continuous recording at a sample rate of 6,250Hz per channel.

Event Definition

AstroPower allows a user to easily setup and record critical power events:

  • Voltage: Interrupts, sags, swells and frequency.
  • Current: RMS threshold definition that allows triggering on target current and event thresholds.
  • Voltage & Current: Transients, individual/total harmonics, Individual interharmonics and unbalance conditions.
  • Power: Power factor, absolute, active, reactive and leading/lagging power events

Multiple View-All Data

The informative split screen analysis screen provides real time information while recording.

Data Capture: Transient/snapshot recording mode

The Dash 8XPM with AstroPower lets you monitor and record transients and glitches for later review and analysis. Transients are sampled at 200 kHz per channel, which provides great resolution for identifying power glitches and other problems.

Transient Recording

The Dash 8XPM will monitor your signals and trigger a capture on a pre-defined event. No data is recorded until your signals violate pre-defined parameters, optimizing hard drive space. The system will automatically re-arm after a capture so you won’t miss capturing any power anomaly.

Transient/Snapshot Event Setup

When a transient event occurs, the Dash 8XPM captures 100 milliseconds of pre-event data and 100 milliseconds of post-event data, giving you just the information you need while minimizing hard drive usage. Transient events are captured at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel, quick enough to capture even the fastest glitch.

Review and Analyze Results

Once events, transients and continuous data have been captured, the AstroPower review software lets you quickly and easily review and analyze results. With no PC required for review and analysis, the system is the ideal on-site troubleshooting tool.

Informative Review Screens

Use the marker text function to provide event labels for ease of viewing. Cursors are available for measurements and for zooming in on critical events

Event Log

AstroPower’s event log allows you to pinpoint the anomaly of interest and jump right to it. It lets you quickly find the exact data point in a long capture.

Transient Event Viewer

The system lets you evaluate transients captured at 200 kHz per channel with the transient event viewer. You can view one or all channels simultaneously for each event while cursors allow detailed measurements of your data.

Review and report your Data

AstroPower lets you rescan captured files for power events, ideal for sorting your captured data. AstroPower’s multifunctional review capabilities give the user all the information needed to evaluate and troubleshoot power quality issues.

Viewing Window

The reviewer environment allows you to analyze a data capture in a number of ways. You can expand or compress your viewing area, scroll through your data or add additional plots of events that have been recorded.

Redefine Events Post Data Capture

AstroPower’s unique graphical interface gives the user the capability to rescan a previous capture to view specific events of interest and focus on data of interest.

AstroPower-offline review

AstroPower Review is a versatile offline analysis package that is included with the Dash 8XPM. This offline tool provides the same review functionality as the Dash 8XPM on your personal computer. In addition, AstroPower Review features a comprehensive report generator, which compiles your data into clear, easy-to-read reports and exports them in either ASCII text or Microsoft Excel® format.

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