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DB42 ESI Decade Resistor


The DB42 is a decade resistor from ESI. A decade resistor is a type of electronic test equipment with a series of resistors, inductors, or capacitors to simulate specific electrical values. An engineer can replace any standard-value component in a circuit with a used or refurbished decade resistor because of its ability to configure to almost any value.

Additional Features:

  • 4 Decades
  • Initial accuracy of resistance change from zero setting: ± (0.1% + 0.0005 ohm per decade) at 23° C
  • Long-term Stability: ± (0.02% + 0.001 ohm per decade) per year
  • Approximate zero resistance: 0.002 ohms per decade

Total resistance and minimum step resistance:

  • 111.1 Ω: 0.01 Ω per step
  • 1,111 Ω: 0.1 Ω per step
  • 11,110 Ω: 1 Ω per step
  • 111,100 Ω: 10 Ω per step
  • 1,111,000 Ω: 100 Ω per step
  • 11,110,000 Ω: 1 k Ω per step

The ESI DB42 Decade Resistor is an adjustable resistor that can be easily set to a resistance value for precision dc and audio frequency use. The DB42 has four resistance decades. Each unit consists of a metal case, three binding posts, and four decade resistance switch assemblies.

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