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DB52 ESI Decade Resistor


The DB52 is a decade resistor from ESI. A decade resistor is a type of electronic test equipment with a series of resistors, inductors, or capacitors to simulate specific electrical values. An engineer can replace any standard-value component in a circuit with a used or refurbished decade resistor because of its ability to configure to almost any value.

 Additional Features:

  • Number of Decades: 5
  • Initial accuracy of resistance change from zero setting: ±0.01% = 0.0005 ohm per decade at 23°C
  • Long-term stability: ±0.02% + 0.001 ohm per decade per year
  • Approximate zero resistance: 0.002 ohms per decade
  • Total resistance and minimum step resistance available: Minimum: 1,111.1Ω, 0.01Ω per step; Maximum: 11,111,000Ω, 100Ω per step
  • Decade 1: 10 ohm - 230 mA max
  • Decade 2: 100 ohm - 71 mA max
  • Decade 3: 1 kohm - 23 mA max
  • Decade 4: 10 kohm - 7 mA max
  • Decade 5: 100 kohm - 2.3 mA

The Electro Scientific Industries DB52 is an in-line Dekabox decade resistor that is adjustable and can be easily set to a resistance value for precision dc and audio frequency use.

Three binding posts are provided for connections on the panel of each Dekabox. The GRD binding post is connected to the metal case which forms a shield for the unit. The resistance of the unit corresponds to the setting of the in-line dials. The resistance per step of each decade switch is marked above the dial.

The DB52 has five resistance decades. Each unit consists of a metal case, three binding posts, and five decade resistance switch assemblies.

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