DCA10 Krohn Hite Amplifier



  • Frequency Range:
  • DC to 1 MHz
  • Output Power:
  • 10 Watts
  • Harmonic Distortion:
  • 0.1%
  • Frequency Response:
  • ±1.0 dB
  • Maximum Voltage:
  • 105 V RMS
  • Matching Load:
  • 600 to 1000-ohms
  • Delivers 10 watts continuously (20 watts peak) from DC to 1 MHz, and 20 watts continuously at dc, with extremely low harmonic distortion and flat frequency response.
  • Front panel controls permit operation in any of three modes: fixed gain of 10 (20dB) without phase reversal, fixed gain of unity with phase reversal, or adjustable gain (0 to 10) without phase reversal.
  • Input and output, independently, may be either direct coupled, or capacitor coupled with input cutoff at 1 Hz and output cutoff at 30 Hz with a 600-ohm resistive load.
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ManufacturerKrohn Hite
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