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DG2030 Tektronix Data Generator

The DG2030 is a Data Generator from Tektronix. Data signal generators are electronic test equipment that generates non-repeating or repeating signals. Engineers use data signal generators for a variety of applications, including the design, test, troubleshooting, and repair of electronic devices as well as for some artistic uses.

Additional Features:

  • 4 Channel
  • Data Rate to 1.1 Gbps
  • Data Pattern Depth to 256 K/Channel Speeds Characterization
  • Precise Control of Output Parameters
  • Large Display for Easy-to-Use Data Editing
  • Create Complex Data Patterns

The Tektronix DG2030 provides digital designers with the high performance tools needed to evaluate advanced digital semiconductors and logic circuits. The Tektronix DG2030 is remarkable for the balanced approach to providing the appropriate class of instrument for a wide variety of digital design applications.

The Tektronix DG2030 is the ideal solution for applications where you must characterize device or circuit timing and amplitude margins. It is perfect for simulating setup and hold violations or conditions of metastability. The Tektronix DG2030 graphical user interface allows you to quickly create complex data patterns with a few keystrokes on the front panel. Use the advanced sequence editing capability of this data generator to insert infrequent faults or glitches in your data patterns to verify device or circuit recovery.

The Tektronix DG2030 is an invaluable tool, allowing users to simulate missing system functionality while meeting critical market windows.

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