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DG535 Stanford Research Pulse Generator

The DG535 is a used Pulse Generator from Stanford Research. A pulse generator is a piece of electronic test equipment that engineers use to generate rectangular pulses. An electromagnetic pulse generator is best for digital, not analog, circuits. Engineers can inject pulses into a piece of equipment under test as a stimulus as they test the device, using pulses to confirm the equipment’s proper operation.

Additional Features:

  • Four independent delay channels
  • Two fully-defined pulse channels
  • 5 ps delay resolution
  • 50 ps RMS jitter
  • Adjustable amplitude and offset
  • Delays up to 1000 seconds
  • Standard GPIB interface
  • Optional ±32 V output

The Stanford Research DG535 Digital Delay and Pulse Generator provides four precisely-timed logic transitions or two independent pulse outputs. The high accuracy, low jitter, and wide delay range make the Stanford Research DG535 ideal for laser timing systems, automated testing, and precision pulse applications.

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