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DLF400-100-750 TDI DC Electronic Load

The DLF400-100-750 is a 750 W, 400 V, 100 A dc electronic load from TDI.


  • Load Voltage: 0-400V
  • Load Current: 0-100A
  • Average Power Dissipation: 0-750W
  • Single Phase
  • Steady State Loading
  • Economical & Compact
  • Analog Programmable
  • Pulse Loading
  • Variable Pulse Rate
  • Variable Pulse Width
  • Low Current Full Scale
  • Fast Response Time

Self Protection

  • Over Voltage: Less than 420V
  • Overcurrent: Less than 120A
  • Over-Power: Less than 800W

The Dynaload is a precision instrument which simulates electrical loads to test power supplies, generators, servo systems, batteries, and similar electrical power sources. It simulates, at the option of the user, resistive loads (amps/volt) or may be switched to a constant current load characteristic (current regulated at a pre-selected value). Provisions are also made for external programming in automated test setups. The external programming voltage is from 0-10V, with an input impedance of 10K minimum. Load current is directly proportional to the programming voltage. 

The meter normally reads average pulse current, so for accuracy when loading in the pulse mode it is recommended to monitor the current sample output. 

The circuit breaker used to connect the source to the power devices in the load is electronically controlled and senses overvoltage. 

In the event of an overvoltage condition protection circuits open the electronic circuit breaker. In the event of an overcurrent or overpower condition, circuitry is activated to limit the load current.

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