DLRO100HB-LG2-P3 Megger DLRO


Additional Features:

  • Remote with Bluetooth, data logging, AC and battery operated 
  • CAT IV 600 VAC / 500 VDC for safe operation
  • Lightweight 100 A battery powered unit for portability
  • High noise immunity for stable readings
  • Smooth DC Output for circuit breaker testing
  • IP54 for protection against dust and moisture while testing
  • Save, download and delete results (100X/H variants)
  • Remote operation, Bluetooth® & asset/result tagging (100H variants)


  • Certificate of Test
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Calibration Certificate
  • CD containing the User Guide
  • Line-powered lead
  • USB Cable (X, H variants only)


The need for accurate low resistance measurement is well known and very diverse. Typical applications include:

Utilities & Service Contractors – commissioning new installations & regular maintenance testing of:

  • Switchgear and circuit breaker contact resistance
  • Busbar and cable joints
  • Wire and cable resistance
  • Lightning conductor bonding

Original Equipment Manufacturer – detecting manufacturing defects:

  • Production test of circuit breakers – contacts & joints
  • Production test of high voltage switchgear
  • Production test of welded joints & connections

Transport – manufacturing & maintenance:

  • Railway rolling stock ground connections & manufactured joints
  • Railway lines & conductor rails – commissioning & maintenance
  • Aircraft frame bonds and static control circuits

A significant addition to the comprehensive range of Megger\Low Resistance Ohmmeters, DLRO100 enables low resistance measurement, across multiple applications, in areas without access to AC power. The integral Li-Ion battery supplies a constant 100 A current for up to 200 manual/auto tests to enable enhanced productivity in remote locations. With a focus on user safety, advanced design features ensure the safe operation of the instrument in the most adverse conditions, including a CAT IV 600 VAC / 500 VDC safety rating in accordance with IEC61010. The rugged design, intuitive interface and IP54 (lid open) rating ensure reliability and ease of use in the most arduous of conditions.

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