DLVP50-120-1500 Dynaload DC Electronic Load


Additional Features:

  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz-5 kHz
  • ResponceTime: <50uS
  • Load voltage: 0-50V
  • Load current: 0-120A
  • Power dissipation: 0-1500W
  • Overload rating: 20%
  • Self-protection: Overvoltage less than 60V
  • Overcurrent: less than 140A
  • Over-power: less than 1750W
  • Analog Programmable
  • Pulse Loading
  • Short Circuit Capability
  • Variable Pulse Width
  • High Current/High Power
  • Variable Pulse Rate

The Dynaload DLVP50-120-1500 is a 50 V, 120 A, 1500 W, DC Electronic Load.

More Information
Current120 A
Voltage50 V
Power1.5 kW
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