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DMM4040 Tektronix Multimeter

The DMM4040 is a 6.5 digit bench multimeter from Tektronix. A multimeter is an instrument used to test and measure alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) voltage, resistance, and electric current. Multimeters combine voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters. Electricians use multimeters to run diagnostics on batteries, switches, components, power sources, and motors.

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DMM4040 Tektronix Multimeter

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DMM4040 Tektronix Multimeter

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Additional Features:

  • 6.5 Digit Resolution
  • Basic VDC Accuracy of up to 0.0035% (1 yr.)
  • 100 mV to 1000 V Voltage Range, with up to 100 nV Resolution
  • 100 μA to 10 A Current Range, with up to 100 pA Resolution
  • 10 Ω to 1 GΩ Ohm Range, with up to 10 μΩ Resolution
  • CAT I 1000 V, CAT II 600 V
  • Volts, Ohms, and Amps Measurements
  • Diode and Continuity Testing
  • Frequency and Period Measurements
  • 2×4 Ohms 4-wire Measurement Technique
  • TrendPlot™ Paperless Data Recorder Mode
  • Measurement Statistics
  • Histogram Mode
  • Front and Rear 2×4 Measurement Inputs
  • USB Host Port on Front Panel for Easy Storage of Measurement Data
  • and Instrument Settings
  • RS-232, LAN, and GPIB Ports on Rear Panel for Quick PC Connectivity
  • Includes USB to RS-232 Interface Adapter Cable
  • Includes National Instrument’s LabVIEW SignalExpress™ TE Limited Edition for Connecting Your Bench
  • Includes:
  • Meter
  • TL710 Test leads
  • Line Cord
  • Spare line fuse
  • Statement of cal practices
  • Warranty Statement
  • Safety and Installation Guide
  • CD-ROM with user manual
  • RS-232 to USB Adapter Cable
  • National Insturments LabVIEW SignalExpress Tetronix Edition
  • Limited Edition Software
  • 3 Year Warranty

As the circuits in embedded system designs become more sophisticated, you must measure a multitude of different parameters to validate your design. The Tektronix DMM4040 6.5 digit bench multimeter offers a broad range of functions in one easy-to-use instrument.

Typical multimeter measurements – volts, ohms, and amps – are made with a basic VDC accuracy of up to 0.0024%, and resolution of 100 pA and 10 μΩ, ensuring you have the performance you need for today’s demanding designs. You can also use the DMM4040 to measure frequency  and period, and to perform continuity and diode tests.

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