DPO7254 Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Number of Channels: 4 
  • Bandwidth: Maximum 2.5 GHz 
  • Input Impedance 50 Ohms/1 Mohms 
  • Rise Time: 160 ps
  • Sample Rate: 40 GS/s
  • Record Length: 40M
  • User-selectable Bandwidth Limit for Better Measurement Accuracy
  • Event Search and Mark for Signal Integrity and Timing Challenges
  • I2C Trigger Enhancement for 8/16 bit Data
  • Up to 400 Megasamples Record Length with MultiView ZoomT Feature for Quick Navigation
  • PinpointT Triggering Provides over 1400 Combinations to Address Virtually Any Triggering Situation
  • 12.1" Largest XGA Touch Screen Display in the Industry
  • Clock Recovery from Serial Data Streams
  • Low-speed Serial Protocol Triggering (I2C, SPI, RS-232, CAN)

The DPO7254 is the new generation of real-time digital phosphor oscilloscopes and are the industry’s best solution to the challenging signal integrity issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing, debugging, and testing sophisticated electronic designs.

The DPO7254 oscilloscope includes as a standard feature a series of user-selectable bandwidth limit filters. These filters preserve the instrument’s bandwidth roll-off characteristics, flatness, and phase linearity within the new frequency range, thereby reducing the effects of out-of-band noise on measurements. Now, designers can purchase one instrument for their highest bandwidth needs and easily optimize it to handle lower-frequency measurements as well.

More Information
Frequency2.5 GHz
Record Length40 MPts
Sampling Rate40 GS/s
2RL80 M max, 20 M/channel
5RL250 M max, 50 M/channel
ASMAdvanced Event Search and Mark
DDRADDR Memory Bus Analysis
DJAJitter and Eye Analysis Tools – Advanced (DPOJET)
DJEDPOJET Jitter and Eye-Diagram Analysis Essentials
JA3Advanced Jitter Analysis Software
LSALow-speed Automotive Serial Analysis, includes CAN Trigger, CAN/LIN Decode and Analysis
LTLimit Testing
MTMMask Testing for ITU-T, ANSI T1.102, Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394b, Rapid I/O, OIF, CPRI, and Serial Video
STSerial Pattern Trigger
USBUSB 2.0 Serial Triggering and Analysis (LS, FS, HS)
VNMTDSVNM CAN and LIN Timing and Protocol Decode (no CAN triggering included)