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DRGL BK Precision GPIB Card

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The DRGL is a GPIB card from BK Precision.

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Additional Features: 

  • GPIB/LAN Card
  • Can be purchased & installed by user at any time (together with main instrument, or after)
  • Provides built-in Web server, allowing user to configure, control, or monitor basic power supply settings from remote computer, using Java enabled Web browser
  • Connects to user-defined IP address to view web control page
  • Enables user to send SCPI commands through Web server interface
  • Interface for controlling voltage, current, and output state
  • Control settings page for configuration of system protection, & password settings
  • Can control power supply w/SCPI commands via Telnet connection over Ethernet interface

The BK Precision DRGL is a GPIB/LAN Card for the 9170 and 9180 Series Power Supplies. 

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