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DSA8200 Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope


The DSA8200 is a 70 GHz, 2 channel digital oscilloscope from Tektronix. Measure voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component to display amplitude, frequency and rise times, etc. Applications include troubleshooting, production test, and design.

Additional Features:

  • State-of-the-Art Sampling Oscilloscope for Communication Signal Analysis, TDR/TDT/Serial Data Network Analysis, Acquisition, and Measurements of Repetitive Ultrafast Signals
  • Acquisition of Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) Signals
  • Industry’s Only Mainframe to Support up to 8 Input Channels for Increased Flexibility and Throughput
  • Four Color-graded, Variable Persistence Waveform Databases
  • Measurement System with Over 100 Automated Measurements
  • Complete Suite of Communications Measurements includes Both Types of OMA, SSC Profile, and Many Others
  • Automated ITU/ANSI/IEEE Mask Testing
  • Masks and Measurements for SONET/SDH, FC, Ethernet, and Other Standards Built-in
  • Mask Updates can be Loaded from Factory-supplied File
  • Mask Margin Testing for Guard Banding Production Testing
  • Industry’s Best Standard Time-base Jitter Performance, 800 fsRMS
  • Industry-leading Time-base Jitter Performance, <200 fsRMS Available with Phase Reference Module
  • Fast Acquisition Rate and High Throughput
  • Remote Samplers enabling Placement Near DUT for Superior Signal Fidelity
  • FrameScan Acquisition Mode with Eye Diagram Averaging:
  • Isolate Data-dependent Faults
  • Examine Low-power Signals
  • MS Windows XP Operating System
  • Advanced Connectivity to 3rd party Software

Acquisition Modules

  • Fully Integrated Multirate Optical Modules
  • Optical Modules up to 80 GHz 80C10B
  • High-accuracy "ER Calibrated" Measurement Available in Some Modules
  • Electrical Modules up to 70+ GHz Bandwidth and 5 ps Measured Rise Time (10-90%)
  • Flexible Rate Clock Recovery
  • Clock Recovery with SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking) Support Available

Jitter, Noise, BER, and Serial Data Link Analysis

  • Measures and Separates Deterministic Data-dependent Jitter from Random Jitter
  • Measures Vertical Noise, Separating Deterministic Data-dependent Noise from Random Noise
  • Highly Accurate BER and Eye Contour Estimation, Support for DDPWS
  • FFE/DFE Equalization, Transmitter Equalization
  • Channel Emulation for Channels with >30 dB of Loss
  • Linear Filter for Fixture De-embedding, Linear Filtering

TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)

  • Up to 50 GHz TDR Bandwidth with 15 ps Reflected Rise Time and 12 ps Incident Rise Time
  • Lowest Noise for Accurate Repeatable TDR Measurement Results–600 µVRMS at 50 GHz
  • Independent Sampler Deskew ensures Easy Fixture and Probe De-embedding
  • Industry’s Only Mainframe to Accommodate up to Four True-differential TDR or Electrical Channel Pairs for Increased System Versatility

S-parameter Measurements

  • Up to 50 GHz Differential, Single Ended, Mixed Mode; Insertion Loss, Return Loss, Frequency Domain Crosstalk, Mode Conversion
  • PCI Express, Serial ATA, Infiniband, Gigabit Ethernet Manufacturing, and Standard Compliance Testing for Gigabit Signal Path and Interconnects – Including Eye Mask Tests
  • Intuitive, Easy, and Accurate for Serial Data, Gigabit Digital Design, and Signal Integrity
  • Fast and Accurate Automated Multiport S-parameter Measurements with Command Line Interface


  • Design/Verification of Telecom and Datacom Components and Systems
  • Manufacturing/Testing for ITU/ANSI/IEEE/SONET/SDH Compliance
  • High-performance True-differential TDR Measurements
  • Advanced Jitter, Noise, and BER Analysis
  • Impedance Characterization and Network Analysis for Serial Data Applications including S-parameters
  • Channel and Eye Diagram Simulation and Measurement-based SPICE Modeling

Superior Performance with Extraordinary Versatility

For developing today’s high-speed serial devices, the DSA8200 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling oscilloscope is the most versatile tool for communication, computer and consumer electronics gigabit transmitter and signal path characterization, and compliance verification. With exceptional bandwidth, signal fidelity, and the most extensible modular architecture, the unit provides the highest performance TDR and interconnect analysis, most accurate analysis of signal impairments, and BER calculations for current and emerging serial data technology. This unit provides unmatched measurement system fidelity with ultra-low jitter floor that ensures the most accurate acquisition of high-speed signals. You get advanced analysis benefits from the 200 fs acquisition jitter with the Phase Reference module. And in another step forward for a sampling oscilloscope, with the help of the Phase Reference module, the oscilloscope can acquire and measure SSC (Spread Spectrum Clocking) signals. The multiprocessor architecture, with dedicated per-slot digital signal processors (DSPs), provides fast waveform acquisition rates, reducing the test times necessary for reliable characterization and compliance verification. The equipment’s versatile modular architecture supports a large and growing family of plug-ins enabling you to configure your measurement system with a wide variety of electrical, optical, and accessory modules that best suit your application now and in the future. With 6 module slots, the unit can simultaneously accommodate a Clock Recovery module, a precision Phase Reference module, and multiple acquisition modules, electrical or optical, so you can match system performance to your evolving needs. Featuring industry-leading signal fidelity, the family of electrical modules includes bandwidth performance from 12 GHz to 70+ GHz. Two true-differential Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) modules, with remote samplers, offer up to 50 GHz bandwidth and 15 ps reflected rise time and 12 ps incident rise time. The family of low-noise variable-bandwidth electrical modules provides the industry's best noise performance with remote samplers, featuring 450 μVRMS noise at 60 GHz, and 300 μVRMS at 30 GHz. Optical modules provide complete optical test solutions with superior system fidelity from 125 Mb/s to 43 Gb/s and beyond. The modules cover a range of wavelengths for both single- and multi-mode fibres. Each module can be optionally configured with a number of selectable optical reference receiver (ORR) filters and/or a full bandwidth path. The 80C07B, 80C08C, and 80C11 can be configured with a number of available flexible integrated clock recovery options. The 80C12 and 80C14 Multirate module clock recovery support is achieved with an electrical output for use with the 80A05 module, or CR175A/CR125A instruments. The unit’s popular FrameScan™ acquisition mode can be used with patterns from DUTs, BERTs, and other sources, to isolate pattern-dependent effects in transmitters or show the bit sequence preceding a mask violation. FrameScan automatically sequences the time base so that each bit of the data stream is acquired in time order. When used in combination with mask-testing conditional acquisition features of the equipment, such as stop after mask hits, FrameScan can automatically identify at which bit a pattern-dependent failure occurred. In addition, specialized modules supporting features such as single-ended and differential electrical clock recovery, electrostatic protection for the TDR, and connectivity to the popular TekConnect probing system brings you the performance of Tektronix state-of-the-art probes for high-impedance and differential probing. Low-impedance probes for 50 Ω probing and for TDR probing are also available.

Jitter, Noise, BER, and Serial Data Link Analysis

High-speed serial data link measurements and analysis are supported with three software solutions: 80SJARB, 80SJNB Essentials, and 80SJNB Advanced. 80SJARB is a basic jitter measurement tool capable of measuring jitter on any waveform – random or repetitive. The simplicity of acquisition limits the amount of analysis possible so only the simplest decomposition can be used; repeatability is pattern dependent. 80SJNB Essentials offers a complete analysis of jitter, noise, and BER, with decomposition of components for clear understanding of a signal’s problems and margins. The acquisition methodology requires a repetitive pattern. Both accuracy and repeatability are improved relative to 80SJARB since the tool has access to the complete signal pattern. 80SJNB Advanced adds features to 80SJNB Essentials for Serial Data Link Analysis – de-embedding of a fixture, channel emulation, FFE/DFE equalization, pre-emphasis/de-emphasis.

TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry)

The oscilloscope is the industry’s highest performance fully integrated Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measurement system. Offering true-differential TDR measurements up to 50 GHz bandwidth with 15 ps reflected rise time and 12 ps incident rise time, you are able to keep pace with today’s most demanding Serial Data Network Analysis (SDNA) requirements.

The 80E10 and 80E08 TDR modules feature a fully integrated independent dual-channel 2-meter remote sampler system to minimize fixturing and assure optimal system fidelity. Independent sampler deskew ensures fast and easy fixture and probe de-embedding. The user can characterize differential crosstalk by using TDR steps from a differential module to drive one line pair while monitoring a second line pair with a second differential module.

The unit is the industry’s most versatile TDR measurement system, accommodating up to 4 dual-channel true-differential TDR modules for fast, accurate multi lane impedance and S-parameter characterization. The P80318 True-differential TDR probe and P8018 Single-ended Passive Handheld TDR probe provide high-performance probing solutions for circuit board impedance and electrical signal characterization. The P80318, an 18 GHz 100 Ω input impedance differential TDR hand probe, enables high-fidelity impedance measurements of differential transmission lines. The adjustable probe pitch enables a wide variety of differential line spacing and impedances. The P8018 is a 20 GHz Single-ended Passive Handheld TDR probe. Both the P80318 and P8018 can be used as stand-alone probes but are especially designed to work with the 80A02 for the control of EOS/ESD protection.

Serial Data Network Analysis (SDNA)

As clock speeds and rise times of digital circuits increase, interconnect signal integrity dramatically affects digital system performance. Accurate and efficient Serial Data Network Analysis (SDNA) of the signal path and interconnects in time and frequency domains is critical to predicting signal losses, jitter, crosstalk, terminations and ringing, digital bit errors, and eye diagram degradation, ensuring reliable system operation. Tektronix offers several true-differential TDR modules, which in combination with IConnect® software, allow S-parameters measurements with up to –70 dB of dynamic range. This performance assures accurate repeatable measurement in serial data analysis, digital design, signal integrity, and electrical compliance testing applications.

With the long record length acquisitions, IConnect® provides great flexibility for obtaining the desired frequency range and frequency step when performing S-parameter measurements. Up to 1,000,000 points can be acquired*2. When you employ IConnect® Signal Integrity TDR and S-parameter software with the oscilloscope you have an efficient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for measurement-based performance evaluation of multi-gigabit interconnect links and devices, including signal integrity analysis, impedance, S-parameter, and eye-diagram tests, and fault isolation. IConnect can help you complete interconnect analysis tasks in minutes instead of days, resulting in faster system design time and lower design costs. IConnect also enables impedance, S-parameters, and eye-diagram compliance testing as required by many serial data standards, as well as full channel analysis, Touchstone (SnP) file output, and SPICE modeling for gigabit interconnects.

Failure Analysis – Quickly Identify Fault Location The 80E10, with its 12 ps typical TDR rise time, provides superior resolution enabling the fastest and most efficient fault isolation in a package, circuit board, and on-chip failure analysis applications.

Advanced Communication Signal Analysis

Specifically designed for ultra high-performance optical and electrical serial data applications, the unit is the ideal tool for design characterization and validation, as well as manufacturing test of datacom and telecom components, transceiver subassemblies, and transmission systems. The equipment generates measurement results, not just raw data, with time and amplitude histograms, mask testing, and statistical measurements. It provides a communications-tailored measurement set that includes jitter, noise, duty cycle, overshoot, undershoot, OMA, extinction ratio, Q-factor, mean optical power, and amplitude. In addition, you can do mask testing of SONET/SDH, 100 Gigabit (4×25), 10 Gigabit, Gigabit Ethernet, and other electrical and optical standards compliance verification. Color grading and intensity grading of waveform data adds a third dimension, sample density, to your signal acquisitions and analysis to provide visual insight. In addition, the variable persistence database feature enables exact data aging to all of the functions and facilitates eye measurements on DUTs under adjustment.

Tools to Extend Your Measurement System

The oscilloscope provides an open Windows environment offering new levels of data analysis on the instrument using your favorite commercially available third-party software packages. Additionally, TekVISA™, a standard software accessory, allows the instrument to be placed under the control of software applications (such as LabVIEW, LabWindows, Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, C, etc.) running on the instrument or on an external PC workstation's network connected to the instrument without the need of a GPIB hardware interface. Plug-and-play drivers for LabVIEW and other programs are also supplied. The unit combines the familiarity of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system with world-class waveform acquisition technology. This platform provides a wide array of standard instrumentation and communications interfaces, including GPIB, parallel printer port, RS-232-C, USB serial ports, and an Ethernet LAN connection. In addition, the platform includes a DVD-CD/RW combo drive and removable hard drive for storage of waveforms, setups, and analysis results.

155 Mb/s to 14+ Gb/s Optical Test

Tektronix optical modules offer the highest level of integration in the industry, with corresponding higher repeatability and transferability of the result. A particularly method-sensitive measurement, Extinction Ratio (ER) is now also available as ER Calibrated, with an additional layer of improvement to the portability of the result (80C08C, 80C11, and 80C14 modules only).

80C14 14 GHz Broad Wavelength Multirate 14 Gb/s Optical Module

The new 80C14 is a broad-wavelength (700 to 1650 nm) multi-rate optical sampling module that supports 10 Gb/s applications including both datacom and telecom. The supported datacom applications include 10GbE at 9.95, 10.31, 11.09 Gb/s and 8G Fibre Channel, 10G Fibre Channel, 16G Fibre Channel applications at 8.5, 10.51, 11.3, 14.025 Gb/s. The 80C14 also provides telecom rate testing at 9.95, 10.66, 10.70, and 12.5 Gb/s. 14G Infiniband FDR is also supported at 14.063 Gb/s. With its amplified O/E design, the 80C14 provides excellent signal-to-noise performance and high optical sensitivity, allowing users to examine low-power optical signals. Clock recovery for the 80C14 is provided by the CR175A or CR286A Clock Recovery Instrument (sold separately).

80C08C 10 GHz Broad Wavelength Multirate 10 Gb/s Optical Module

The 80C08C is a broad-wavelength (700 to 1650 nm) multi-rate optical sampling module providing datacom rate testing for 10GbE applications at 9.95, 10.31, 11.09 Gb/s and 10G Fibre Channel applications at 10.51 Gb/s. The 80C08C also provides telecom rate testing with several filters between 9.95 and 11.3 Gb/s. With its amplified O/E design, this module provides excellent signal-to-noise performance and high optical sensitivity, allowing users to examine low power level optical signals. The 80C08C can be optionally configured with integrated clock recovery options that can support any standard or user-defined rate in a continuous range from 9.8 to 12.6 Gb/s.

80C12 Up to 10 GHz Broad Wavelength Multirate 1 Gb/s to 10 Gb/s Optical Module

The 80C012 is a broad-wavelength (700 to 1650 nm) multi-rate optical sampling module providing 1G, 2G, and 4G telecom and datacom testing. This highly flexible module can be configured to support either lower data rate applications (1 to 4 Gb/s) or a wide variety of 10 Gb/s applications. The low data rate applications include 1, 2, and 4 Fibre Channel and “by 4” wavelength division multiplex standards such as 10GBase-X4 and 4-Lane 10 Gb/s Fibre Channel. The supported 10 Gb/s applications include both datacom and telecom. The supported 10 Gb/s datacom applications include 10GbE at 9.95, 10.31, 11.09 Gb/s, 8G Fibre Channel, and 10G Fibre Channel applications at 8.5 Gb/s, 10.51, and 11.3 Gb/s. The 80C12 also provides telecom rate testing at 9.95, 10.66, and 10.70 Gb/s. With its amplified O/E design, this module provides excellent signal-to-noise performance and high optical sensitivity, allowing users to examine low power level optical signals. Clock recovery for the 80C12 is provided through the 80A05 module or CR125A instrument (sold separately).

80C11 30 GHz Long Wavelength Multirate 10 Gb/s Optical Module

The 80C11 is optimized for testing of long wavelength signals (1100 to 1650 nm) at a number of rates around 10 Gb/s with a highly flexible multi-rate filter. Additionally, the high optical bandwidth of 30 GHz (typical) and the excellent frequency response of its full bandwidth path is well suited for general purpose high-performance optical component testing. The 80C11 can be configured with clock recovery options that support any standard or user-defined rate from 9.8 to 12.6 Gb/s.

80C07B 2.5 GHz Broad Wavelength Multirate 155 Mb/s to 2.5 Gb/s Optical Module

The 80C07B is a broad-wavelength (700 to 1650 nm) multirate optical sampling module optimized for testing datacom/telecom signals from 155 to 2500 Mb/s. With its amplified O/E design, this module provides excellent signal-to-noise performance, allowing users to examine low-power optical signals. The 80C07B can be optionally configured with multirate clock recovery that operates from 155 to 2.7 Mb/s.

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