DSOX4032A Agilent Digital Oscilloscope


Additional Features:

  • Bandwidth: 350 MHz
  • Channels: 2
  • Memory Depth: 4 Mpts
  • Sample Rate: 5 GSa/s
  • Waveform Update Rate: 1,000,000 wfms/s
  • 8 Bit Resolution
  • MegaZoom IV smart memory technology
  • Standard segmented memory
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • 12.1-inch display
  • InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger

The Agilent InfiniiVision DSOX4032A oscilloscopes are engineered for nextgeneration performance, delivering waveform update rates 20 times faster than the competition to display the most signal detail. An industry-leading 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen with innovative hardware-based InfiniiScan Zone touch triggering provides the most intuitive interface to get you answers faster. The 4000 X-Series provides maximum investment protection with fully upgradable 5-instruments-in-1.

Built-In Instruments (Optional)

  • Digital Channels
  • 5-digit Counter
  • 3-digit DVM
  • 20 MHz Dual AWG

The Agilent InfiniiVision DSOX4022A oscilloscopes are engineered for next-generation performance, delivering waveform update rates 20 times faster than the competition to display the most signal detail. An industry-leading 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen with innovative hardware-based InfiniiScan Zone touch triggering provides the most intuitive interface to get you answers faster. The DSOX4022A provides maximum investment protection with fully upgradable 5-instruments-in-1.

Experience the speed:

  • One million waveforms per second update rate
  • MegaZoom IV smart memory technology
  • Standard segmented memory

Experience the Speed
Anomalies and elusive events are the toughest to debug. The 4000 X-Series oscilloscope redefines your debugging experience with MegaZoom IV smart memory technology. The industry-leading 1-million-waveforms-per-second update rate, means you see more of your signal behavior and can feel more confident in your design.

One million waveforms per second update rate
If you can’t see the problem, it is hard to troubleshoot it. With an industry-leading one million waveforms per second update rate, the InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series gives you the highest probability of capturing random and infrequent events that you would miss on an oscilloscope with a lower waveform update rate.

Powered by MegaZoom IV smart memory technology,the InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series not only lets you see more waveforms, but it has the uncompromised ability to find the most difficult problems in your design. Unlike other oscilloscopes, uncompromised ability means:

  • Always-fast, responsive operation
  • No slowdown with logic channels on
  • No slowdown with protocol decoding on
  • No slowdown with math functions turned on
  • No slowdown with measurements turned on

As oscilloscopes acquire data, process it, and plot it to the screen, there is inevitable “dead time,” or the time oscilloscopes miss signals completely. In general, the faster the waveform update rate, the shorter the dead time. The shorter the dead time, the more likely an oscilloscope is to capture anomalies and infrequent events. This is why it is critical to select an oscilloscope with a fast waveform update rate.

Agilent achieves this industry-leading waveform update rate with MegaZoom IV smart memory technology
Traditionally, CPU processing was the major bottleneck for oscilloscope waveform update rate and responsiveness. Typically, the CPU handles interpolations, logic channel plotting, serial bus decoding, measurements and more, and the waveform update rate drops dramatically as these features are turned on.

The InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series requires minimum support from a CPU, as most core operations are handled by Agilent proprietary technology, the MegaZoom IV smart memory ASIC. MegaZoom includes hardware serial decoders and hardware mask/limit testing capability, plots analog and digital data directly to the display, supports GUI operation, and integrates additional instruments like the dual-channel WaveGen function/arbitrary waveform generator.

Segmented memory: A smart and efficient way to capture waveforms
Acquisition memory size is an essential oscilloscope specification because it determines the amount of data you can capture in a single acquisition. In general, longer memory is better. However, no memory is always long enough to capture all the signals you need, especially when capturing infrequent anomalies, data bursts, or multiple serial bus packets. Segmented memory acquisition lets you selectively capture and store important signal activity without capturing unimportant signal idle time with the time stamp of each segment relative to the first trigger event. Segmented memory comes standard in the 4000 X-Series.

Segmented memory + serial decode
Segmented memory works in conjunction with serial protocol decode. For example, by setting the trigger condition to “CAN serial bus error,” segmented memory captures and stores only CAN error packets and stitches together each segment for easy viewing. You can quickly compare time tags to discover time intervals between errors.

Search and navigation
The parametric and serial bus search and navigation feature comes standard on the 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes. When you are capturing long, complex waveforms using an oscilloscope’s deep acquisition memory, manually scrolling through stored waveform data to find specific events of interest can be slow and cumbersome. With automatic search and navigation capability, you can easily set up specific search criteria and then quickly navigate to “found and marked” events. Available search criteria include edges, pulse width (time-qualified), rise/fall times (time-qualified), runt pulses (time- and level-qualified), and serial bus frames, packets, and errors.

Experience the usability:

  • Industry’s first capacitive touch screen
  • Industry’s largest 12-inch display
  • InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger

Experience the Usability
You may be surprised just how easy it is to use the InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series. A 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen − the industry’s largest − works just like your favorite tablet or smart phone, so debugging your devices is faster than ever before. Innovative InfiniiScan Zone touch triggering makes triggering on anything a snap. Just draw a box around signals of interest and the oscilloscope triggers on them. So, if you can see it, you can trigger on it.

Industry’s largest 12.1-inch display
From the start of product development, we designed every aspect of this oscilloscope for a touch interface. Large, easily touchable targets on the industry’s largest 12.1-inch display with capacitive touch screen technology mean operation is quick and natural, just like your favorite tablet devices.

Capacitive touch screen technology
Capacitive touch screen technology provides enhanced productivity. Use the alphanumeric pad for quick annotation, place waveforms or cursors in exact positions and drag docking panels across the screen to see more measurement information.

The 4000 X-Series offers three ways to access key menus and features: touch GUI for those that prefer tablet or smart phone touch interfaces, front panel keypads for the traditional oscilloscope users, and Agilent Spark pull down menu for users who prefer Windows-like operations. The 4000 X-Series also offers a “touch off” button as well as USB mouse and keyboard support.

Redefine your remote Web control oscilloscope experience. The 4000 X-Series not only supports traditional control via a PC Web browser, but also supports remote control through popular tablet devices.

InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger
One of the biggest challenges of using an oscilloscope is setting up an advanced trigger to isolate a signal of interest. While advanced triggers are powerful features, InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger provides a turnkey trigger solution.

You simply observe the signal of interest on the display, and draw a zone (box) around it. What used to be hours of work can now take just a few seconds. If you want to move your zones to another location, just drag them over. The 4000 X-Series can be set up to easily trigger on one or two zone boxes simultaneously with either must intersect or must not intersect conditions.

InfiniiScan Zone triggering does not compromise the waveform update rate; the 4000 X-Series will still maintain an ultra-fast 200,000 waveforms per second or more, even with additional features turned on. In other words, the oscilloscope that sees everything can easily trigger on anything.

InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger + segment memory: a whole new experience
The combination of the industry’s only hardware-based InfiniiScan Zone touch trigger with the 4000 X-Series’ segment memory simplifies and enhances your debugging experience. In Figure 16, the 4000 X-Series has isolated and captured 1,000 metastable signals, showing the critical bit errors over a 32-second time span at 5 GS/s sampling rate in the segment memory. The segment memory also allows you to overlay all segments to identify the worst-case signal.

Experience the integration:

  • Industry’s first 5 instruments in 1
  • Industry’s first fully upgradable including bandwidth to 1.5 GHz
  • Industry’s leading application solutions

Experience the Integration
The 4000 X-Series further redefines your oscilloscope experience by integrating the capabilities of five instruments in one: oscilloscope channels, logic channels, digital voltmeter (DVM), dual-channel WaveGen function/arbitrary waveform generator, and serial protocol analyzer including USB. All are upgradable, including bandwidth, for the ultimate investment protection.

Investment protection through a fully-upgradable 5-in-1 instrument
The InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series redefines the oscilloscope experience with unprecedented integration. 
This 5-in-1 instrument provides:

  • Oscilloscope
  • 16 digital channels
  • Serial protocol analyzer
  • Dual-channel WaveGen 20 MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator
  • 3-digit voltmeter

Mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO): Integrated 16 digital channels
With an additional 16 integrated digital channels, you now have up to 20 channels of time-correlated triggering, acquisition and viewing on the same instrument. This is especially important in today’s embedded designs with sophisticated digital control circuitry. Unlike other oscilloscopes in this class, you can buy a 2- or 4-channel DSO and enable the 16 digital channels already in the instrument at any time to make it an MSO

Serial protocol analysis: Hardware-based serial protocol decode and triggering
Agilent InfiniiVision Series, including the new 4000 X-Series, are the only oscilloscopes to use hardware-based serial protocol decoding. Other vendors’ oscilloscopes use software post-processing techniques to decode serial packets⁄ frames, and therefore have slow waveform and decode capture rates and could miss critical events and errors due to a long dead-time. Faster decoding with hardware-based technology enhances the probability of capturing infrequent serial communication errors.

After capturing serial bus communication, you can easily perform a search operation based on specific criteria and then quickly navigate to bytes/frames of serial data that satisfy that search criteria. The 4000 X-Series can decode two serial buses simultaneously using hardwarebased decoding, and display the captured data in a time interleaved "lister" display.

Serial protocol decoding can be used simultaneously with segmented memory and InfiniiScan Zone touch triggering.

Advanced math analysis
Advanced math analysis provides a variety of additional math functions and comes standard on the 4000 X-Series.
Additionally, math functions can be nested to provide additional insight into your designs. You can create up to four math functions, with one resultant math function displayed at a time.


  • Add, subtract, multiply, divide


  • Differentiate, integrate
  • FFT
  • Ax + B
  • Squared, square root
  • Absolute value
  • Common logarithm, natural logarithm
  • Exponential, base 10 exponential


  • Low-pass filter, high-pass filter
  • Averaged value


  • Magnify
  • Measurement trend
  • Chart logic bus timing, chart logic bus state

35 automatic measurements
Automatic measurements are the essential tool of an oscilloscope. In order to make quick and efficient measurements, the 4000 X-Series provides 35 powerful automatic measurements and can display up to 10 at a time. Measurements can be gated by auto select, main window, zoom window, or cursors.

Reference waveforms
Store up to four waveforms in the scope’s non-volatile reference waveform memory. Compare reference waveforms with live waveforms, and perform post analysis and measurements on stored data. You can also store waveforms on a removable USB memory device in .h5 format and recall them back into oscilloscope’s reference waveform memory later. Save and/or transfer waveforms to a PC as XY data pairs in a comma-separated values format (.csv) or store bitmap images and transfer them to a PC for documentation purposes in a variety of image formats.

Powerful probe solutions and compatibility
Get the most out of your 4000 X-Series scope, by using Agilent’s complete family of innovative probes and accessories for your application. The 4000 X-Series supports up to four active probes simultaneously with its full AutoProbe interface.

Localized front panel, GUI and help
Operate the oscilloscope in the language most familiar to you. The graphical user interface, built-in help system, front panel overlays, and user’s manual are available in 11 languages. During operation, access the built-in help system just by pressing and holding any button.

Connectivity and LXI compatibility
Standard USB 2.0 hi-speed host (two on front, one on back) and device (one on back) ports make PC connectivity easy. Operate the scope from your PC and save/recall stored waveforms and setup files via standard LAN (LXI IPv6 Extended Function). Connect your projector or external monitor through VGA output, standard with the 4000 X-Series, when sharing and presenting screen information. An optional external GPIB-to-LAN adapter is also available (N4865A).

Virtual front panel
The 4000 X-Series’ innovative capacitive touch screen matches perfectly with the latest tablet technologies. In addition to the traditional virtual front panel remote operation through your favorite PC Web browser, the 4000 X-Series supports remote oscilloscope control from your tablet devices (and smart phones with enough resolution). The tablet virtual front panel is identical to the 4000 X-Series’ touch GUI so you can touch icons, draw InfiniiScan Zone Touch trigger zones and drag slide panels as if you are sitting in front of the actual oscilloscope.

Documentation and e-mail
Annotation becomes a simple task. Bring up the annotation menu and start editing it using the keypad, and then drag it to the desired location.

Quick e-mail allows you to e-mail the data you want instantly to your inbox. Send out the screenshot, waveform data, or even a USB signal quality test report. This removes the hassle of connecting your PC to your oscilloscope.

Secure erase
The secure erase feature comes standard with all 4000 X-Series models. At the press of a button, internal non-volatile memory is clear of all setup, reference waveforms, and user preferences, ensuring the highest level of security in compliance with National Industrial Security Program Operation Manual (NISPOM) Chapter 8 requirements.

More Information
ManufacturerAgilent, HP, Keysight
Frequency350 MHz
Record Length4 MPts
Sampling Rate5 GS/s
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