E1340A Agilent Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The E1340A is a Arbitrary Waveform Generator from Agilent. An arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) is a type of electronic test equipment people use to generate repetitive or single-shot electrical waveforms. Single-shot waveforms require a triggering source, either internal or external, while repetitive waveforms do not. Inject the signal the waveform generator creates into a device for analysis during testing, finding problems with the device, or confirming proper operation.

Additional Features:

  • 1-Slot, B-size, register based
  • 12-bit, 42 MSa/s
  • 16 kSa RAM
  • Full featured signal source
  • Arb. & std. waveforms, sweep, FSK, waveform hopping

The Agilent HP E1340A Arbitrary Function Generator is a B-size, 1- slot, register-based VXI module. It has the performance and flexibility expected in higher-priced function generators. Arbitrary waveforms, standard waveforms, sweep, FSK, and waveform hopping are all included. The simple B-size architecture provides these features at a low price. The 12-bit DAC and the analog circuitry were designed to produce reliable signals. The sinewave flatness and total harmonic distortion are better than most function generators on the market. Many applications demand more than a simple function generator and more than a simple arbitrary waveform generator. The Agilent HP E1340A combines many of these features into a single product.

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