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E1351A Agilent VXI

The E1351A is a VXI from Agilent.

Additional Features:

  • 1-Slot, B-size, register based
  • Up to 13,000 channels/s scanning with Agilent DMMs
  • 100,000 switches/second from downloaded scan list
  • Voltage, current, and resistance measurements
  • Space for signal conditioning components

The Agilent E1351A FET Multiplexer is a B-size, 1-slot, register-based VXI module that switches 16 channels each of high, low, and guard. The FET multiplexer module consists of a B-size component card (labeled E1351-66201 on each one) and a screw terminal block that plugs onto the component card. The Agilent E1351A is functionally similar to the Agilent E1352A, E1353A, E1357A, and E1358A. An analog bus connector on the faceplate provides easy connection to an Agilent E1326B DMM, Agilent E1411B DMM, and/or other slot-adjacent multiplexers. Common high, low, and guard signals are connected by tree switch to both the tree terminals on the terminal card and the analog bus connector.

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