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E2406A Agilent Logic Probe

The E2406A is a used logic probe from Agilent. Use an electrical probe to test equipment and measure currents and voltages. Probes can use pulse waveforms to test components without removing them from circuits with in-circuit capabilities.

 Additional Features:

  • Use state analysis with inverse assembly to track your system's software flow in your microprocessor's mnemonics.
  • Isolate your hardware problems using timing analysis with 10 ns resolution on all channels.
  • Locate hardware design problems or bus contentions in your 68030 system using the logic analyzer's timing analysis.
  • Identify software defects and monitor the value of variables stored in memory using your instrument's state analysis with inverse assembly.
  • Capture all bus cycles with the logic analyzer while operating with the internal cache memory and MMU disabled for correct inverse assembly.

The Keysight Agilent HP E2406A provides an easy way to connect your Motorola 68030 target system to an Keysight Agilent HP logic analyzer. The analysis probe provides a complete electrical and mechanical interface between your target system and logic analyzer. Included with the Keysight Agilent HP E2406A is software which automatically configures the analyzer labeling address, data, and status signals. The inverse assembler decodes bus activity and displays 68030 mnemonics in state listings.

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