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E2459A Agilent Logic Probe

The E2459A is a used logic probe from Agilent. Use an electrical probe to test equipment and measure currents and voltages. Probes can use pulse waveforms to test components without removing them from circuits with in-circuit capabilities.

Additional Features:

  • All necessary clocks are passed through by the analysis probe to the logic analyzer to ensure that data is captured at the correct time.
  • Software is shipped with the product that automatically configures the logic analyzer and generates labels for address, data, and status signals.
  • The included disassembler displays execution traces in 68040 or 68060 microcontroller mnemonics.
  • Instructions which are pre-fetched but not executed are marked in the trace display.
  • Three modes of operation are available.
    • State-per-transfer provides a complete display of all bus activity
    • State-per-clock filters out wait and idle states
    • Timing analysis up to 500 MHz; channel skew: 1 ns

The Keysight Agilent HP E2459A analysis probe provides an easy way to connect an Keysight Agilent HP logic analyzer to a target system using the Motorola 68040 or 68060 microprocessor.

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