E4361A Agilent Keysight HP Generator



Output Ratings (Simulator and Table Modes)

  • Max. Power: 510 W
  • Voc Max.: 65 V
  • Isc Max.: 8.5 A

Output Ratings (Fixed mode)

  • Max Power: 510 W
  • V rated: 0-60 V
  • I rated: 0-8.5 A

Programming Accuracy at 22°C ±5°C

  • Voltage (Fixed Mode): 0.075% + 25 mV
  • Current (Fixed Mode): 0.2% + 20 mA

Ripple & Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz)

  • Voltage rms, p-p (Simulator/Table Mode): 20 mV rms, 125 mV p-p
  • Voltage rms, p-p (Fixed Mode): 24 mV rms, 150 mV p-p
  • Current rms, p-p (Fixed Mode): 2.5 mA rms, 19 mA p-p

The Keysight E4361A is a 510W solar array simulator DC power module that simulates the output characteristics of a solar array. The E4361A is primarily a current source with very low output capacitance. It offers fast I-V curve changes allowing you to accurately simulate the output of different solar arrays under various environmental conditions (ex. temperature, age, eclipse, spin etc.).

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