EL750B ACDC DC Electronic Load


Additional Features:

  • Dissipates up to 750W
  • 1.8V to 55 VDC up to 150A
  • Static or Dynamic Testing
  • Constant Current or constant resistance modes
  • Built-in square wave generator 120 Hz or 1 kHz operation
  • Programmable with externally applied variable DC voltage
  • Parallel operation for greater flexibility
  • Meter shunt for calibratoin or digital read-out
  • Front panel fault detectors

The AC/DC EL750B can be programmed remotely via a rear panel connection. Sensors protect the unit from damage and automatic 2 level current switching is provided. The AC/DC EL750B Electronic Load offers simultaneous DC voltage and current monitoring, this compact 750 W load allows selectable constant current or constant voltage operating modes. The maximum input voltage of the AC/DC EL750B is 55 VDC and the maximum load current is 150A.

More Information
Current150 A
Voltage125 V
Power750 W
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