ES 0406C NF Corporation Software

The ES 0406C is software from NF Corporation. Software is used to automate, record, and transfer data. Test equipment software allows users to get more out of their units.
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Additional Features:

  • Remote control function allows you to set voltage/frequency, switch range, and turn on/off output
  • Arbitrary waveforms can be edited/created. The waveform data retrieved from digital oscilloscopes can be loaded as a text file
  • The test result report creating function allows you to output the results of tests into a file
  • You need interface Board ES4473 (option) for using this software
  • Peripheral cables and parts other than ES series, ES0406C, and PC may be needed, depending on the specification test
  • Preliminary tests can be conducted with ES0406C. In the case of main tests, the following products are required
  • For the single-phase test, a voltage dips simulator (As-517A) is required
  • For the three-phase tests (phase voltage and line voltage tests), two voltage dips simulators (As-517A) and a three-phase voltage dips simulator (As-537) are required
  • In the case of single-phase, a 2-channel function generator WF1974 or WF1946B is required.
  • In the case of three-phase, three WF1974s or three WF1946Bs are required
  • Three synchronized operation option (1991A) and two synchronized operation cables (1944A) are also required
  • Preliminary tests can be conducted with ES0406C 

Hardware Requirements:

  • PC:PC/AT compatible
  • CPU : 300 MHz or faster
  • Memory : 128 MB or more
  • OS : Windows 2000/XP (Microsoft)
  • GPIB Interface (Use one of the followings)
  • PCI-GPIB board, PCMCIA-GPIB card, USB-GPIB (All by National Instruments)

The NF Corporation ES 0406C is application software for ES series to perform low frequency immunity tests. With this software, complicated tests can be conducted easily.

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