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ESS40-375 EMI DC Power Supply

The ESS40-375 is a 15 kW, 40 V, 375 A DC power supply from EMI. Supplies DC Voltage and Current to test, design, and troubleshoot electric and electronic circuits. Applications include Burn In, QA, ATE, Research, Design, and Education to name a few.

Additional Features:

  • Front Panel Adjustable OVP protects load
  • Thermal Protection includes LED indicators
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limit for fast recovery
  • Parallel or Series Operation
  • Transient Protection
  • Phase Loss Detection
  • Failsafe Soft Start
  • Power Factor 0.9, Efficiency 85% lowers operating costs and heat generation
  • Ten Turn V/I Potentiometers standard
  • Voltage and Current, Program and Monitor are 0-5 V standard 
  • Output Switching Frequency 240-260 kHz
  • CV/CC with automatic crossover and mode indicator
  • "Super Sense" provides both voltage and current monitor at the load. This also allows meters to read at the load. (OVP stays local to protect the load and power supply)

The EMI ESS40-375 is a high power Constant Voltage, Constant Current Programmable DC power supply. The ESS40-375 features a pulse-by-pulse current limit which provides excellent performance in demanding high current applications such as RF Amplifiers, DC Motors and Magnetic Coils. The many standard features make it an excellent choice for both OEM and laboratory applications.Front panel includes potentiometers for voltage and current control along with meters for both. LED indicators clearly show Overvoltage Condition, Inverter Failure, Phase Loss, and Control Failure.

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