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ESVB10 Rohde & Schwarz Receiver

The ESVB10 is a 2 GHz receiver from Rohde & Schwarz. Engineers use electromagnetic interference (EMI) receivers during compliance regulation testing. An EMI receiver is a device that can measure several different characteristics of radio signals as well as calibrate radiofrequency (RF) attenuators and signal generators.

Additional Features:

  • .10 Version
  • Frequency range: 20 MHz to 1000 MHz, with option up to 2050 MHz
  • Precision field-strength measurements using test antennas
  • Bandwidths suitable for DAB and DVB-T in a single unit
  • RMS and average detector for all test bandwidths
  • Manual operation or control by internal processor or external computer
  • RFI measurements in line with commercial EMI standards such as CISPR, EN, ETS, FCC, VCCI and VDE
  • Automatic overload detection
  • Powering from AC supply or internal/external battery

The Test Receiver ESVB10 features in a single unit IF bandwidths and signal weighting facilities both for digital video (DVB-T) and digital audio broadcasting (DAB). Due to these factors and the high measurement rate, ESVB is ideal for use in mobile and stationary coverage measurements. 

The Test Receiver ESVB10 is also highly suitable for measuring interference field strengths to various standards. For measurements in digital mobile radio networks (GSM/PCN) the ESVB10 can optionally be equipped with a frequency-range extension up to 2050 MHz and a narrowband I/Q test demodulator.

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